Face Recognition and Analytics Solution


Product details

Face Recognition and Analytics Solution offering the possibility to run facial recognition in an IP Security System

Key features
  • Connect up to 20 cameras on a single server, maximum of 10 servers on one system
  • Capture and store up to 10 million faces with quick search capabilities
  • Pre-register up to 1,000 faces for real time face matching with alerts
  • People counting with age and gender detection

Face recognition and analytics

Intelligent insight

The new Panasonic Face Recognition and Analytics Solution offers the possibility to run facial recognition in an IP Security System. Due to the implemented Panasonic technology in both the cameras and server, it is possible to have accurate information on who is accessing your facilities. In addition, you can receive information for marketing analysis such as people counting, age and gender estimation and evaluation.

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The WV-ASF900 server can be implemented in any current Panasonic IP installation to enhance any former installations. The software runs silently in your system, collecting data on each face that it detects. This data is then stored within an easily accessible database. Thanks to the direct connection between camera and server, you can control and gather insight from up to 20 cameras per server, at the same time. With face matching and visual analysis carried out by the system in real time, your operator can easily access any recorded images related to that face or individual.

Understand in more depth

The server acts as a powerful marketing tool allowing a user the ability to analyze statistics such as people counting. It also allows them to detect and estimate a person’s age and gender. This is done with a high level of accuracy using a combination of the best shots taken from the Panasonic cameras and the facial recognition technology in on the server. Up to 10 million faces can be stores and quickly searched.