BLUE Digital Evidence Management


Product details

The rise in digital technology continues to multiply the workload, processes, and operational costs associated with police services. The BLUE Digital Evidence Management Solution (BLUE DEM) by Panasonic harnesses technology to change the way officers serve their community. Informative dashboards enable police chiefs to be connected to their data for thoughtful decision making at any time and from anywhere. Storage management is automated with metadata tags, enabling police IT managers to streamline how they track and manage digital evidence. Front-line officers can focus their time protecting the community by spending less time with notes and digital files at the station.

Key features
  • Seamless storage
  • Secure sharing
  • Access full audit trail
  • Connectivity to digital evidence
  • Automated file storage

Specification Description
File support (Integrated Reader) 700 file types (video, audio, emails, documents)
Proprietary file support Yes
Search capability Full text search across all content metadata
Analytics views Ingression & data storage patterns, case linkage, document compare and timeline view
Security protocols Two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SAML)
File & database encryption Yes
IT controlled encryption Yes
Automatic two-way communication with RMS Yes
Open API to third party evidence software Yes
Automatic private tagging (case/evidence) Yes
Audio transcription integration service Yes
Direct link to redaction software Yes
Automated redaction process Yes
Document redaction capability Yes
Case sharing Internal/external case and evidence packaging for prosecutor or FOI requests
Customizable GUIs User interface for senior command, IT and front-line officers
Audit trails End-to-end chain of custody
FIPS compliant hashing Yes
Storage configurations Cloud, local server or hybrid applications
Integration with existing infrastructure Yes (Flexible using metadata evidence sync)
Mobile evidence collection/upload Yes
Real-time mobile evidence view/search Yes

Simplified evidence management


In the field

Panasonic enables police to harness technology to increase productivity as they handle their daily duties. The BLUE DEM mobile app easily captures photo and video evidence, obtains witness statements, and features notes with tags that go directly to the RMS. With BLUE DEM, front-line officers can collect richer digital evidence, receive public evidence through a secure link and spend more time connecting with the community.

In the Car

Police officers are constantly on-the-go serving their community and a lot of their time is spent in the vehicle. From the Toughbook to the Arbitrator 360° evidence capture system, Panasonic ensures officers are equipped with the best technology. BLUE Digital Evidence Management sits at the center of our robust ecosystem of solutions and its intuitive interface enables police services to track and manage the annual increase of digital evidence.

In the Court

The Crown Attorney evidence sharing feature makes the method of securely sharing evidence a fast and seamless process. BLUE DEM maintains a high level of security for access to digital evidence files with a full audit trail, while still making it easier for members of the Crown Attorney to analyze the digital evidence to build a robust case.

In the Station

Police stations are continually required to adapt to the changing technology used by front-line officers and office civilians. BLUE DEM’s unique architecture embraces efficiency by automatically storing evidence on premise or in the cloud based on the metadata. With a built-in reporting functionality, users can create reports for police operations management.