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S-Series Cameras

Our renowned S-Series camera features and reliability, now with the power of Artificial Intelligence at the edge. The new Standard in video surveillance.




The new i-PRO S-Series surveillance cameras represent a quantum leap in performance. They deliver the ideal combination of superior imaging technology, advanced camera analytics, video management system (VMS) integration and cost efficiency for numerous applications across virtually every vertical market.

These cameras feature a built-in AI processor that transforms them into edge-computing devices. Run up to two applications simultaneously! Users can select and install the third-party analytics and applications they need without relying on a cloud or server-based connection.

The new i-PRO S-Series cameras come bundled with AI software analytics, a five-year warranty and a Video Insight VMS camera license. The new i-PRO S-Series cameras are also fully compatible with existing S-Series mounts and brackets.


Key benefits of S-Series

  • 2MP with superior low light performance
  • Advanced Intelligent Auto and AI Smart Coding
  • Select and Install 3rd-Party Applications Independently
  • H.265 Coding Efficiency, H.264 and JPEG available
  • Run two plug-ins simultaneously
  • Image Processing Optimization
  • NEW Sound Classification
  • NEW Multi-AI System Search Function
  • Bundled with AI Software Analytics, a Five-Year Warranty and VI Camera License
  • Easy Kitting Packaging


I-PRO S-Series cameras AI functionality currently includes:

  • AI-Video Motion Detection (VMD) detects loitering, cross line and movement direction while reducing false alarms caused by swaying trees and plants, shadows and reflections, and rain
  • AI Detection & Identification of faces, humans, vehicles, and two-wheel motorcycles and/or bicycles
  • New AI Sound Classification allows you to set alarms for targeted sounds
  • New Multi-AI System Search Function quickly locates persons or vehicles of interest through Video Insight or Genetec VMS
  • AI Intelligent Auto optimizes image quality settings, including shutter speed, auto exposure, gamma correction, and noise reduction
  • AI Smart Coding optimizes video compression to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements

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S-Series Enhancements

In our new S-Series, i-PRO has enhanced our best-in-class image quality and maximized storage capacities.

AI Advanced Intelligent Auto - i-PRO AI Advanced Intelligent Auto optimizes shutter speed, auto exposure, gamma correction and noise reduction to deliver clearer image quality.


Shutter speed, Auto exposure, Gamma correction, Noise reduction
  • Shutter speed
  • Auto exposure
  • Gamma correction
  • Noise reduction

Conventional i-PRO camera

Intelligent Auto: ON

New i-PRO Full HD S-Series

AI Intelligent Auto: ON

Super Dynamic improves back light condition visibility -144dB in dynamic range.


Conventional i-PRO camera

Super Dynamic: OFF

New i-PRO Full HD S-Series

Super Dynamic: ON

AI Smart Coding - optimizes video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

The AI engine reduces bit rate by controlling the image quality of still areas, moving areas and faces.

Bit rate

New i-PRO
Smart coding
AI smart coding

I-PRO Camera Application Platform

A program where unique applications developed by app partners
can be installed in AI i-PRO network cameras