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State of the art video wall technology brings an award winning sales experience to life

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The tallest residential building in Montréal deserved a sales experience to match. Real estate developer Broccolini had a vision to create a sales pavilion as breathtaking as its most ambitious luxury condominium project to date – Victoria sur le Parc. Interior design partner BELANGERMARTIN designed a one-of-a-kind building with a curved video display wall taking centre stage within the space. After analyzing the impacts of various challenges – including the high amount of sunlight and need for ultra high resolution even up close – Panasonic proposed the perfect screen for the job.


Creating a design experience as ambitious as the development they were bringing to market was mission critical for real estate leader Broccolini. Their latest endeavour, Victoria sur le Parc, will be Montréal’s tallest and most luxurious condominium residence. A key aspect of the custom-designed sales pavilion was the experience of an
eye-grabbing curved video installation at the very heart of the room, surrounded by glass and marble.


A turnkey but groundbreaking Panasonic video wall system offered the perfect blend of usability, cost, and design finesse to match the unique space. 27 separate 55” narrow-bezel displays were custom-installed on the curved central wall. To ensure the multiple screens flawlessly performed as one, they ran Panasonic Video Wall Manager via the Panasonic Auto Camera Calibration Adjustment Upgrade kit and implemented a Digital Camera with Wide Zoom Lens to calibrate.


The ease and success of the solution drove business results for Broccolini and garnered accolades for the visionary quality of design. Not only was the project completed on-time and under-budget, but 70% of Victoria sur le Parc’s units were sold within weeks of opening. The team and their interior design partners were thrilled to learn they were also the winners of an excellence in retail design award from the prestigious Grands Prix du Design 2019.

Panasonic provides a video solution as elegant as the building it celebrates

Montréal-based real estate leader, Broccolini, is driving innovation and even greater excitement with groundbreaking new projects meeting the increasing demand for high-end condominium residences.

Victoria sur le Parc is Broccolini’s most ambitious project ever and the allure of securing a property in the new development needed to start from the very beginning of the buyer journey. In collaboration with interior design studio BELANGERMARTIN, the team at Broccolini envisioned a sales pavilion as singular and discerning as Victoria sur le Parc itself. One of retail’s most exacting challenges, a condominium sale is easily among the most expensive purchases an individual will ever undertake. It required an elevated and flawless experience that would immerse potential buyers, through sight and sound, in an aura of what the project had to offer.

“The entire project was literally built around the vision of the video wall. The building itself was built to enhance the majesty of the wall of screens and the stunning visuals it presented,” said Jean Langlois, Director of Marketing and Communications. “With very minimal decor, high ceilings and marble floors, the space was designed to compliment the showpiece wall. And so, the entire space depended on a very specific solution.”

Bringing this solution to life in such a particularly designed space was no simple feat and the production team was met with multiple challenges along the way. Filled with organic planes and accents, the solution needed to fit a central curved wall. Designed to feel like “a pavilion bathed in light,” it needed to render crystal clear video at any time of day, including in complete sunlight. It was the actual light itself that posed the first hurdle. With full glass walls on three sides of the pavilion, projection was impossible in daylight and there was nowhere to hide the projectors that wouldn’t feel out of place in the open space.

After consultation with Les Productions Graph-X Inc, representative Paul Rousseau, a turnkey Panasonic solution finally checked off all the boxes for both performance and elegance. Panasonic understood the vision and had a very specific solution ready to go. The “giant screen” could actually be a series of 27 individual 55” monitors, mounted vertically, fit precisely to the curved structural wall and calibrated together by a state-of-the-art projection kit and Panasonic-designed software. Panasonic worked in tandem with Les Productions Graph-X Inc. and the production team to conceive of a frameless housing with ultra-narrow bezel on the screens. The 27 Panasonic TH-55LFV8U units were then seamlessly mounted to create one flawless curve. “Panasonic’s offer was the perfect screen for what we had to do,” said Jean.


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With Panasonic able to deliver a high quality, affordable solution of this size, the project saw immediate success. Ultimately, Panasonic helped us deliver the vision with stunning accuracy.
Jean Langlois Director of Marketing and Communications, Broccolini

The perfect screen was just the first step. Its anti-glare surface and extra wide viewing angle would make its 4K resolution sharp under any natural light conditions, but to truly bring so many multiple screens to life, without any distortion or lag, would require an innovative calibration system as well.

Installation was fast, easy and ready to go out-of-the-box. “Panasonic’s National Sales Director, Cathy Tucker, came by right before the opening, “said Jean, “She said ‘You’ve done such a great job with calibration.’ In fact, we barely had to do anything. It made our jobs so much easier.”

From the first moment, the screens and calibration performed above expectations and were a key element to this award-winning and overall highly successful launch. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the pavilion itself was matched only by the business results it helped to drive: over 70% of the units in Victoria sur le Parc were sold in the first few weeks.

The Victoria sur le Parc pavilion was so visually stunning that it took home the Grands Prix du Design 2019 for design excellence in retail development in the sales office category. It was described by the jurors as “designed to convey the sense of grandeur associated with the project” and with “a strong gesture of the curved partition which serves as a giant screen that presents images of the development.”

With the recognition from the Grands Prix du Design, Broccolini and its design partners have raised the bar for real estate sales and shown by example how technology can elevate design to create an unforgettable and irresistable buyer experience.