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In some of the world’s toughest conditions, this fuel efficiency leader chooses Toughbooks

An industry leader in diesel fuel efficiency management, British Columbia-based J-Ball Electronics serves a wide range of heavy industry clients through more than 450 authorized dealers around the world. Providing reliable software access to the technicians in a variety of diesel shop environments is crucial to their success. From indoor to outdoor and temperatures ranging from sub-zero to the heat of a moving engine, they needed hardware that was up to the task of being ready for them no matter the conditions. On top of that, it needed to be cost effective, customizable and easily serviceable to give such a broad client base access to options that would fit their individual business needs.


J-Ball Electronics helps power industries around the world by ensuring their diesel engines are more fuel efficient. In these industries, that means using high quality hardware that stands up to the rigours of a heavy diesel shop – including exposure to indoor and outdoor elements, intense humidity and rain, and temperatures ranging from sub-zero to the inside of a hot engine. J-Ball Electronics needed a reliable piece of hardware that would prevail in extreme and variable conditions.


In the most intense field environments, J-Ball Electronics exclusively chooses Panasonic Toughbooks to get the job done. Taking advantage of the wide range of customizable Toughbook configurations, they rely on the CF-54 and CF-31 as their hardware offering of choice. The level of protection and high reliability keeps their clients happy while ensuring their technicians can work quickly and accurately in extreme and unpredictable conditions.


Toughbooks’ durability, reliability, always-on connectivity and lower total cost of ownership have helped improve J-Ball Electronics' own bottom line, as well as their clients.

Challenge: Durability and connectivity in any condition

Fuel is one of the largest expenses for diesel burning equipment powering the largest heavyweight industries across the globe, including agriculture, marine, construction, industrial and transportation. A properly tuned engine extends a machine's life, reduces downtime, protects the bottom line and empowers workers to accomplish more each day.

Based in Vernon, British Columbia, J-Ball Electronics is an industry leader in diesel ECM (Electronic Control Module) tuning. Using state of the art technology and engine fuel management software, they can boost fuel efficiency by as much as 20 percent in just one fine-tuning session. As a trusted partner to a diverse range of International clients, J-Ball needs rugged, transportable and most importantly reliable hardware that can withstand the extreme environments they work in.

Panasonic Toughbooks have raised the bar for rugged laptops, tablets and handheld solutions. They combine hardware, software and services to streamline processes, improve productivity and lower total cost of ownership for some of the world’s toughest and most remarkable workers. A perfect fit for J-Ball Electronics, they chose to exclusively run their diesel diagnostic software and laptop kits on Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 and CF-31.

J-Ball Electronics desired both semi and fully rugged models, to accommodate for their target markets device requirements. For extreme environments, the CF-31 model offers the most amount of protection, while for jobs and sites that require a smaller, lighter model at an affordable price, the CF-54 is best-suited. Toughbook devices are designed, built and tested to handle almost any situation: exposure to high humidity, bumps, dirt, grease, spills, rain, wild temperature swings and even six-foot drops, making them the perfect solution to match the market’s needs.

Solution: Using technology to get extraordinary work done in extraordinary places

As their clients’ equipment service needs became more complex, J-Ball Electronics’ technicians required technology that enabled them to perform mission critical diagnostics and troubleshooting on-site. Even smaller service centres now need access to rugged and affordable equipment to effectively get the job done and fulfill their clients’ needs. Warranty, availability, support and performance features were all key facets in their decision-making process. Ultimately, J-Ball Electronics turned to their “manufacturer of choice” for many years and found that Panasonic Canada was best equipped to deliver on each of their varied business needs.

“The process started with an email to Panasonic Canada,” said Chris Bulmer, Software Installation and Support technician. “We discussed our demands, volume and various pricing options. It was clear that the advantages of working with Panasonic Canada directly far outweighed any transitional difficulties.”

“In the end, our final decision came down to total cost of ownership, quality of service and the advantages of dealing with a Canadian company.”

Toughbook technology contributes to smarter, safer and more productive workforces – like those across the intense industrial environments that J-Ball Electronics services. Working regularly in unpredictable and extreme conditions, they need devices that are proven to be up to any challenge.

With more than 450 authorized dealers on four continents, J-Ball also needed to be able to offer highly competitive pricing, particularly to customers in volatile and government-regulated industries. The lower cost of ownership they offer delivers a bigger return on investment for their clients. The rugged and reliable design of Toughbook made the most financial sense: a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the device while offering an overall superior user experience.

Results: The perfect intersection of performance and total cost of ownership

“Switching to Panasonic Toughbooks allowed us to offer a product to our clients that would better serve their needs and requirements. It’s a durable ‘professional’ grade product that will far outlast the ‘consumer’ grade products we had been previously offering,” said Bulmer. “Migrating to Panasonic Canada allowed us to offer a far superior product to our clients than what our competition offers.”

As technology continues to disrupt across industries, J-Ball Electronics’ investment in better technology not only enhances their own business but helps transform the businesses of their clients. As their relationship with Panasonic continued to grow, they also became an Authorized Service Centre. Their technicians greatly appreciate the close ties to the Panasonic Service Team to help them expedite upgrades and provide higher-touch warranty services to their clients.

For the team at J-Ball Electronics, Panasonic Toughbooks have been the perfect intersection of performance and price. Toughbooks’ speed and reliability has exceeded expectations of not only their clients but internally across their own team. It has allowed everyone to focus more closely on providing incredible service while knowing their Panasonic Toughbook will always be there when they need it. Perhaps best of all, as J-Ball Electronics evolves its relationship with Panasonic into becoming an Authorized Service Centre they’ve laid the foundation for a thriving business relationship for years to come.

We are very happy with our relationship with Panasonic Canada. I would highly recommend any business in a similar situation to foster a closer relationship with them. Working together has allowed us to provide an even better quality of service to our clients.
Chris Bulmer J-Ball Electronics