Scalability and Reliability Make Panasonic the Right Choice for WE

WE is an organization that makes doing good, doable, composed of WE Charity, an international development charity and youth empowerment movement, and ME to WE, an innovative social enterprise that provides products that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices.


As part of the plan for their new global headquarters in Toronto, WE was looking for a trusted vendor to supply them with a unified communications solution that would enable the organization to scale while addressing the challenges that come with equipping a mobile workforce.


After evaluating Panasonic against other vendor solutions in the market, WE knew that the company’s systems would meet their needs. WE assessed Panasonic’s solutions against specific criteria, including hot-desking, mobile softphone and remote access capabilities, and compatibility with existing vendor offerings, before selecting Panasonic. After working with Dial Tone Communications, a Panasonic authorized dealer partner, WE identified the KX-NSX2000, an IP-based business communications server, as an appropriate solution for their needs due to its scalability, reliability and flexibility.


The WE staff now has the unified communications solutions needed to get the job done, giving employees more time to focus on other projects to help achieve the organization’s mission. To keep operations running smoothly, WE relies on the ability to leverage remote work teams, manage multiple office spaces, and serve donors, employees and clients from any location. Panasonic’s solutions help them maximize coverage, enabling staff to avoid costly interruptions and potential downtime.

Connectivity is Key for WE

When it was clear that they needed a new unified communications solution that would offer seamless communication across multiple locations, WE wanted to be certain that the solution they invested in would be a valuable asset to the organization now and into the future.

"We recently opened a global headquarters that took about two years to bring to life," said Dan Kuzmicki, Director, Enterprise Services, at WE Charity. "At that point, we had the opportunity to make serious technology developments that would help us better leverage our global and remote workforce. We knew that a multi connection system would enable our employees to work just as efficiently when remote as they do in the office, but we needed a trusted partner to help us meet our specific needs."

These tools don’t just meet our connectivity needs, but also help us reduce our operating costs and other expenses, which is important for our organization.
Dan Kuzmicki, Director, Enterprise Services at WE Charity

Making an Impact With Panasonic Solutions

WE set out to find that trusted provider. The organization evaluated several vendors based on their ability to improve communication from different locations, offer cost savings and provide compatibility with existing solutions in use at WE. A new unified communications solution would enable the staff to be quicker and more responsive to different needs as they arose while giving employees the flexibility to work from various locations. But beyond that, WE wanted a full-service provider that would support employees as their needs  evolved or if they needed any additional services.

“We worked with Dial Tone Communications, one of the top dealers for Panasonic, to identify a solution and strategy for our needs, one that would offer seamless communication across multiple locations and help us to scale as an organization as needed,” said Kuzmicki. “We selected the KX-NSX2000 because of its ability to manage up to 2,000 devices with connectivity for up to 32 sites, its built-in call center features, reliable backup system and support options, and licensing system. 

Empowering a Mobile Workforce to Change the World

Once WE chose the KX-NSX2000 to support their operations, they saw immediate results. The team instantly noticed how they were able to complete tasks with increased efficiency. Top of the line features and functionality, such as hot-desking capabilities, have helped them achieve their objectives by allowing the team to communicate effortlessly between offices and simplify operations across sites. The KX-NSX2000 enables them to be truly mobile. Additionally, with Panasonic's Ultimate AK offering, WE is able to better equipped to handle future growth. This added capability unlocks licenses for the organization, allowing their communication system to grow with them while realizing significant cost savings.

"Panasonic has been with us for a long time and has helped us scale and achieve our mission as an organization. They’ve been great to work with, allowing us to focus on the things that matter, so we don't have to worry about our infrastructure. Not only that, the Panasonic team has been incredibly responsive in the event of any troubleshooting issues that needed to be addressed, which is how we know we made the right choice."