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Panasonic projectors with an uncompromised quality bring content to life at the City of Surrey

The City of Surrey is home to over 500,000 residents and is the second largest city in British Columbia. Each week, there are 50-75 meetings in the rooms with the Panasonic projectors. Overall, there are over 40 rooms at City Hall and in the Operations Centres with far more meetings occurring weekly. Attendees at these meetings include city staff, elected official, members of the public and visiting dignitaries from all across the world. Additionally, four of the meeting rooms are regularly rented out to community groups and external parties.


With solid glass walls in all of their meeting rooms, the City of Surrey faced a tremendous lighting challenge. The large rooms had fantastic views of the city, but were impractical for meetings when overhead projectors were used to show presentations. The natural light made it difficult to view the presentations because the broadcast capability of the current projectors was poor, rendering colours dull, not bright enough, and not a true match.

When the blinds were closed, the artificial lighting was also too bright for attendees to see the presentations clearly. Light levels needed to be lowered to see the image clearly, making it difficult for attendees to take notes.


The ideal solution was a projector that enabled clear and vivid large-screen projections, in a naturally bright environment, offering reliable performance and a low total cost of ownership.

Enter Panasonic’s PT-MZ770. The projector features 8,000-lumen high-brightness with exceptional contrast, color accuracy and image quality. The technology is Laser (LCD) and the dust prevention feature enables the filters to provide 20,000 hours of projection without the need for replacement. Its quiet design keeps noise level down which minimizes distraction during presentations.


The PT-MZ770 projectors solved all of the lighting challenges in the meeting rooms for the City of Surrey. The presentations are now consistently bright and vivid enough, with true match colours. Complaints have turned to compliments from staff and the leadership team, who are very pleased with the quality of the projection system.

Panasonic Makes a Difference

The extent to which the meeting rooms are used for the city’s everyday business activities signifies the importance of these spaces to the City of Surrey and their residents. It is important that these meeting rooms provide ideal ambiance and equipment, in particular for seminars and presentations. Providing an optimal projection system is an absolute must.

The existing projectors could not provide vivid, true colour projection against the natural bright light shining through the meeting rooms. It was crucial to find a projection system that offered clear and highquality images. In addition to high image quality, the quiet operation and the powered lens shift for flexible installation makes the PT-MZ770 the ideal solution to meet the needs of the City.

Finally, maintenance on the system is low, if at all. A dust-resistant cabinet, and reusable eco-filters enable 20,000 hours of relentless projection with zero maintenance required which ensures the overall operational service costs are low.

Upon installing seven Panasonic’s PT-MZ770 projector, the City of Surrey’s meeting rooms can provide an informative experience in a professional environment. Staff and leadership can proudly invite visitors to their meeting spaces, where they can experience a high-quality, vivid presentation.

Service Matters

Thanks to Panasonic’s PT-MZ770 projector, the City of Surrey’s meeting rooms provide an informative experience in a professional environment. Staff and leadership can be proud to invite visitors to their meeting spaces where they can experience a high-quality presentation.

Don Kidd, a Systems Analyst for the City of Surrey who implemented the system, says he learned about the Panasonic projector at a trade show, where he met Chelsea Naylor.

“The relationship with Chelsea from Panasonic pushed me in the right direction,” he says. “She came out to Surrey to see the meeting spaces. No other AV vendor did that before. I knew what we needed, and she went the extra mile to find out our specific needs and meet our budget.”

The combination of service and the quality of Panasonic’s projectors clinched the sale and made for a satisfied customer. “We used to get a lot of complaints about the lack of quality of the presentations.”

Since we implemented the Panasonic projectors, we have not received even one complaint. Now, all we get are compliments.
Don Kidd Systems Analyst