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Breathe Well Solution Brings Fresh Mountain Air into Haus Heidi

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Haus Heidi is a luxury rental property in the mountain resort town of Whistler, B.C. An iconic local landmark, this three-story Bavarian-style chalet offers nightly accommodations for up to 16 guests. The building recently underwent a meticulous top-to-bottom renovation that completely changed its internal layout, modernizing the look and feel of the former B&B. Haus Heidi now features richly appointed bedrooms, designer bathrooms, a media room, a chef’s kitchen, multiple dining areas, a laundry room, an office, a massive living room and much more. Visitors from around the world choose Haus Heidi to be their home away from home while they explore everything that Whistler has to offer.


Since Haus Heidi was not originally built with a central air system, the classic alpine chalet would have to be retrofitted with an HVAC solution that met modern expectations for a year-round luxury resort. Each room would require dedicated temperature controls that guests could adjust according to their individual preferences. The new air quality system would have to be energy efficient and compatible with the building’s existing structure.


Haus Heidi’s owners chose Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™ by Panasonic. The new system consists of ClimaPure™ XE ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning units with nanoe™ X air purification technology, plus an Intelli-Balance® 200 ERV, WhisperAir Repair® air purifiers, Whisper ventilation fans and Swidget® smart devices allowing guests to breathe clean, fresh mountain air in every one of Haus Heidi’s comfortable rooms.


Panasonic’s Breathe Well solution exceeded expectations by delivering energy-efficient heating and cooling, healthy air quality, convenient automation, and silent, unobtrusive performance. Swidget added even more value with real-time air quality, temperature and humidity insights for the guests and a user-friendly smartphone app for the owners, who can use it to operate the system remotely.

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The Challenge of Modernizing Heidi

Haus Heidi was in dire need of attention when new owners Alexander Younger and internationally renowned designer Sarah Richardson decided to transform the outdated building into a luxurious four-season vacation retreat. The new and improved chalet would need a modern, energy-efficient HVAC system that worked equally well on frigid winter nights and sweltering summer afternoons.

The only problem was that Haus Heidi didn’t have any ventilation duct runs because it used electric baseboard heating. Worse still, there was no way to retroactively install extensive ductwork without seriously impinging on the attractive, new decor, which wasn’t an option for Sarah and Alexander. To keep their guests comfortable and, at the same time, reduce energy costs, they would have to completely reimagine Haus Heidi’s HVAC system.

“We were looking for a solution that could heat and cool in an energy-efficient manner, but what we found was something even better,” says Alexander.

The Only Complete Air Quality Solution

Most people aren’t aware that we spend 90% of our time indoors, where the air can be up to five times more polluted than outside. For this reason, a traditional heating and cooling system wasn’t going to be enough at Haus Heidi; something more would be needed to ensure a healthy, enjoyable experience for the guests. That certain “something” turned out to be Breathe Well, by Panasonic.

As an overall system it’s really smartly designed because no matter the challenges you run into—like in this house—Panasonic has a solution that will allow you to create the ultimate indoor comfort.
Alexander Younger Entrepreneur and co-owner, Haus Heidi

Whether a home is located in the city, in the suburbs or out in the countryside, Breathe Well technology always makes indoor air seem like it’s fresh off the mountain. “We were excited to bring Panasonic’s complete Breathe Well solution to Haus Heidi,” says Darryl Rebeschini, Regional Sales Manager, IAQ, at Panasonic Canada. “We’ve utilized all of our indoor air quality products in this build, along with Swidget for our fully automated system.”

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ClimaPure XE ductless mini-split indoor head

Since Haus Heidi couldn’t be retrofitted with ducts, Panasonic’s ClimaPure XE ductless mini-split heat pump was the natural choice to provide energy efficient heating and cooling. Attractive, low-profile indoor heads were installed throughout the building, supported by multi-zone, cold-climate condensers outside. Each floor is now divided into several zones that can be independently controlled, enabling guests to adjust the temperature in their rooms for optimal comfort.

In keeping with Panasonic’s healthy home philosophy, ClimaPure mini splits clean the air even as they provide heating or cooling. Each indoor unit is equipped with Panasonic’s patented nanoe X air purification technology that simultaneously eliminates odors and inhibits allergens. Compact, ceiling-mounted WhisperAir Repair air purifiers, also with nanoe X technology, have been added in key areas of the house for extra purification.

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WhisperAir Repair air purifier

At the heart of the Breathe Well solution is an Intelli-Balance 200 ERV, which continually removes stale air from the house and replaces it with fresh air from outside. The ERV provides year-round energy recovery by exchanging heat and moisture between the incoming and outgoing air.

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Intelli-Balance 200 ERV

They [the WhisperAir Repair units] don’t need to be ducted, they look fabulous, they’re very discreet, and they’re delivering a real added benefit to the house.
Sarah Richardson Designer, Producer, TV Personality and co-owner, Haus Heidi

Rounding out the ventilation system, Panasonic’s high performance Whisper ventilation fans quickly remove damp, stuffy air from Haus Heidi’s designer bathrooms. Each ENERGY STAR® Certified fan keeps the air fresh and dry, preventing growth of harmful mould spores.

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Whisper ventilation fan

Control of the new air quality system has been made as efficient and user friendly as possible with Swidget smart technology. Swidget pairs smart-ready outlets and switches with modular, interchangeable inserts that have a wide range of smart sensing capabilities. “Using the Swidget app on your smartphone allows you to create a variety of automations for convenience, energy monitoring, security, smart ventilation and much more,” says Chris Adamson, Swidget Co-Founder and COO. Thanks to Swidget smart devices, each component of the IAQ system can run automatically in the background while Haus Heidi’s occupants focus 100% on their vacation.

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Swidget smart devices

A Comfortable, Healthy Home Away From Home

Panasonic’s Breathe Well solution has brought fresh air and precise climate control to every part of Haus Heidi’s unique floor plan. “As an overall system it’s really smartly designed because no matter the challenges you run into—like in this house— Panasonic has a solution that will allow you to create the ultimate indoor comfort,” says Alexander.

The modern, streamlined look of the products, combined with their whisper-quiet operation, has enabled them to blend seamlessly into the renovated chalet’s luxurious decor. “The WhisperAir Repair units are amazing because they’re easy to install and you don’t even notice when they’re running,” says Alexander. Sarah agrees, adding, “They don’t need to be ducted, they look fabulous, they’re very discreet, and they’re delivering a real added benefit to the house.”

According to the owners of Haus Heidi, the Breathe Well package that Panasonic deployed for them has indeed lived up to its billing as a complete air quality solution. “Panasonic literally brought everything to the table. They brought energy efficiency, aesthetics, the heating and cooling we needed, and the nanoe X technology that purifies the air,” explains Alexander. “This is truly a healthy house, thanks to Panasonic.”

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Panasonic literally brought everything to the table. This is truly a healthy house, thanks to Panasonic.
Alexander Younger Entrepreneur and co-owner, Haus Heidi