Armoires Cuisines Action

Armoires Cuisines Action is a designer and manufacturer of custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and walk-in closets. Since 1989, they have helped consumers build their dreams with revolutionary premium quality cabinetry and accessories. They pride themselves on providing customers exceptional workmanship.



Swift action and responses are crucial to a successful cabinetry business. With so many moving parts—construction companies, architects, and designers,
property developers and consumers—Cuisines Action employees rely heavily on their telecommunications system to ensure they meet the needs of their


Cuisines Action decided to build a voice over IP (VoIP) communication solution to integrate their entire network and streamline the caller experience. They chose Panasonic’s KX-NS1000 business telephone communications platform and One Look Network.


Since implementing the KX-NS1000, Cuisines Action is able to route inbound and interoffice calls more efficiently. Inbound calls are transferred over the network without disruption, and rather than dial ten digits, employees now dial four to reach a colleague in another office.

Armoires Cuisines Action

The Client

Their customers include construction companies, property builders/developers, architects, designers, new home owners, and customers doing home renovations or additions. Their high-capacity warehouse produces up to 500 modules per day, allowing them to ship and install them efficiently. With headquarters in Ste-Sabine, Quebec, the company also has sites in Boucherville, Laval, and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, with showrooms in the latter three locations.

The Challenge

Initially, three of the company’s sites used different technologies that had been added to their infrastructure over many years. Using multiple and antiquated platforms made for a fragmented caller experience and a costly operation. Inbound customer calls to a different office couldn’t be transferred; receptionists would take messages, hang up, call the intended office, and leave a message for the intended recipient to return the call. Interoffice calls were cumbersome; employees had to dial ten digits to reach colleagues at other locations. Overall, the company was incurring excessive long distance charges for daily, basic interoffice and external communication.

Cuisines Action knew that in the long-term, giving callers—internal or external—a poor experience could affect revenues. But connecting their multiple technologies was simply too costly.

The Solution

They first deployed the KX-NS1000 at their Boucherville location and when the testing was complete, they gradually added the other two sites. With centralized multi-site web-based telephony, calls would no longer need to be cut short, but could instead be routed directly to the intended recipient over the network, no matter their location. And because the platform allows businesses to transition to IP seamlessly, extending it to their Laval office after it was built six years ago was quick and simple. Transitioning employees was smooth because all they had to do was retrieve any old voice mail messages they wanted to keep, and re-record their greetings once the new system kicked in.

At the time, cost was the main thing. But there was a big difference between Panasonic and other major phone systems that offered the
same functionalities.
Pierre Morin, IT Director

In the past year, they added two Panasonic HD Video Conferencing units to their platform. This upgraded setup ensures staff can initiate video calls to another office with exceptional video quality and advanced features. Instead of driving to and from office locations to meet, users benefit from multi-site video conferencing across geographic locations.

The Result

Since implementing the KX-NS1000, Cuisines Action is able to route inbound and interoffice calls more efficiently. Inbound calls are transferred over the network without disruption, and rather than dial ten digits, employees now dial four to reach a colleague in another office. Transparency between offices has increased productivity because employees can now see each other’s statuses electronically and know whether someone is on-site, busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed, or out of the office. This is notably useful for their four receptionists, one for each location, as they’re able to cover each other’s absences without any business interruption.

As for the overall cost of upgrading, the company was happy to see that their estimate wasn’t far off from reality.

We didn’t spend a penny more than what we planned.
Pierre Morin, IT Director

Moving Forward

Today, Cuisines Action continues to drive business with support from a seamless communications infrastructure. They handle customer, prospect and employee calls quickly, no matter their destination. They also leverage Panasonic’s world-class support team and take advantage of on-site visits from Panasonic. Thanks to their communication system’s Grow-As-You-Go flexibility, they’re confident they can further extend the KX-NS1000 to more locations when the time comes. Armed with a powerful and reliable communications solution, they’ll continue to lower costs and improve productivity as their business evolves.

Cuisines Action’s long-distance costs have decreased; because the ARS (automatic route selection) is fully programmable in the PBX, a call placed from the main site to another area in which the network NS1000 is located locally can be routed without incurring long-distance charges. Employees and call centre supervisors can also chat over a private network, while on a call with a customer, so a physical phone book is a thing of the past.