Renewable Energy Technology Solutions from Panasonic

A game-changing focus on sustainability

There’s no way around it, renewable energy is the future of a connected, data-driven world where power demands keep going up. Panasonic is at the forefront of clean energy storage.

Affordable, renewable energy is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity

For some of the answers to today’s challenges, we’re looking to the sun and the wind. The reasons to go with renewables today are obvious – it’s smart, affordable energy. Generating your own electricity and gaining independence from the grid is an exciting thought and energy storage technologies are starting to make it possible. Battery storage gives you greater control over your energy usage and bills and helps you get the most from your wind or solar investment.

Energy storage essential for today’s power grid

As organizations and municipalities implement large-scale renewable energy projects into their facilities and the grid, power storage has become an issue. Unless used almost immediately, excess electricity goes to waste. And when the scales tip toward scarcity, prices spike.

Fortunately, we’ve stepped to the plate with better batteries and other smart energy technologies. Our leading lithium-ion technology can help grid operators better balance supply and demand, keep prices in check even on the hottest days, and offer emergency relief during outages. Few, if any, companies can match our experience in designing and deploying these systems.

Inverter manufacturer Pika Energy and Panasonic have developed the Harbor Smart Battery. Able to be installed in under an hour by a single technician, it dramatically reduces solar storage complexity.

Your clean energy partner for a more sustainable future

Picture this. The lights go on, the computers operate, the motors whir, and you spend little time thinking about what powers it all. That's how it should be and that's what Panasonic promises to deliver as your sustainable energy partner.

To that end, we provide you with end-to-end solutions, including engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance, financing, and a workmanship warranty.

Lower mobile operator sustainable energy costs

Lower mobile operator sustainable energy costs

We’ve partnered with Ericsson to bring our lithium ion batteries to Ericsson's energy-as-a-service solution, reducing total cost of ownership by 20%. Merging our reliable storage options with the Internet of Things and big data, we’re creating smarter networks for mobile operators, tower companies and utilities.