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Technology Solutions for Public Safety from Panasonic

With lives on the line, your technology partner matters

Public safety officers face incredible challenges on the street and in command centers. We’re developing mobile computing and evidence management tools to help them work more efficiently and safely.

Improving public safety requires bold innovation – we’re up to the challenge

Public safety emergencies don’t take days off and they don’t call ahead – unpredictability is part of the job for first responders. Fortunately, police, fire fighters and EMS personnel can count on dependable Panasonic computers, body cameras and digital evidence management systems to stay on top of events as they occur.

In a squad car or at an accident scene, connectivity is crucial

Today's field investigators need immediate access to criminal records, warrants, vehicle information and call history to help solve crimes. Using Panasonic laptops and tablets to wirelessly access databases, investigators have the real-time data they require. And they can cut down on time-intensive, follow-up paperwork after an incident.

Things get very bumpy out here and the fact that we haven’t had a major malfunction is probably the best test of durability.
Thomas Boyd Deputy Sheriff, Alameda County, CA

Active fire and arson investigation scenes are no place for ordinary computers

We understand the environments that fire fighters face and build our rugged mobile computers and tablets to take the heat. The support our devices offer – like building schematics, incident command software and 2-way video – is right at their fingertips with Toughbook and Toughpad.

500 rigorous tests passed by every Toughbook before leaving factory

Purpose-built for the rigors of EMS

In many cases you have one chance to get it right. So we tune our mobile devices for maximum reception and deliver powerhouse battery life to keep critical communication flowing. Plus, with hardware-level encryption, our mobile computers and tablets are secure enough to handle sensitive Electronic Patient Care Reporting (EPCR) data.

To help ensure quick response times and superior patient care for EMS and fire calls, we’ve also engineered a powerful, cost-effective, 2-in-1 mobile computing solution that transforms from a vehicle-mounted laptop to a powerful tablet.

A 360-degree eyewitness at every call

Law enforcement professionals need reliable digital evidence capture management. Our industry-leading, in-car digital video recording system and rugged body-worn cameras offer wireless digital evidence collection that improves officer safety and reduces agency liability. With a reliable cellular connection, all captured footage can be uploaded easily to a mobile computer and then shared with other appropriate authorities or agencies in an instant.

The Department of Homeland Security chooses rugged Toughbook computers and Arbitrator mobile digital video systems to help ensure national security and public safety.

Just the facts

Our ground-breaking technologies make it easier than ever to accurately collect statements from witnesses and suspects. With our digital video system for the interview room, law enforcement can focus on the person of interest knowing that no response, facial expression or body movement will go unseen or undocumented.

When it comes to public safety, reliability and efficiency are non-negotiable. That’s why we build every product as though lives are at stake – because, in most cases, they are.

Houston revolutionizes emergency response

Houston revolutionizes emergency response

In Houston, non-urgent cases were putting a strain on first responder and healthcare systems. Emergency professionals on the scene now use Toughpad® tablets to videoconference with emergency medicine physicians, avoiding costly ambulance trips and ER visits in 80% of the cases where utilized.