Reimagining our world with every product and service

Breakthrough ideas and technology reach across industry, altering consumer expectations and how people work. The products and supporting services we provide keep customers ahead of what’s next.

A century of exceptional thinking

The past 100 years have seen amazing advances in design and manufacturing, helping us revolutionize how business operates. On the horizon? Products and services that deliver more efficiency, greater reliability and better experiences.

Dream big, build better

At the heart of every Panasonic product is a deep commitment to improving everything we’ve done before.

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One very bright street lamp

Sometimes innovation comes in unlikely forms. Meet a piece of connected infrastructure that is already illuminating the future.

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A battery to power the future

Sustainability isn’t just an idea. It’s an attribute of our innovations from energy storage systems to electric vehicle batteries.

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Digital projection to amaze fans

We’ve discovered that to bring audiences the experience of a lifetime, you have to re-write the script.

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Devices to keep industry moving

The key to smarter supply chains? It comes down to purpose-built tools that connect people and processes to the right technology.

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You see our work all around you, in technologies that change how business does business. Our integrated solutions include best-in-class products and the expertise to get the most out of them.

Since Panasonic’s humble beginning as a producer of light bulb components 100 years ago, we’ve been committed to bringing new and better technology to business. Our work starts with the vision to imagine something more, and continues with the thorough R&D that makes the impossible possible.

These advances help industries improve what they do – by streamlining manufacturing, refining supply chain logistics, connecting people in new ways, and surprising and delighting customers. For us, the goal has always been the same: turn technological innovation into products and services that deliver real-life benefit.


In a connected world, ordinary products like street lamps get smarter, serving us more efficiently with integrated technologies.

Think about the changes smart phones have made in our lives with their incredible connectivity and utility. Now imagine some of those same capabilities applied to the devices around you. We have, and we’re putting that thinking to work today.

Our smart LED street lamp, for example, illuminates as pedestrians approach, then dims again to save energy. It also integrates security cameras that can alert authorities in an emergency, monitors traffic and help motorists find parking. With intelligent embedded sensors, it even monitors air quality in real time.

That’s just one example of our holistic approach to the products of the future, and how we can make them more useful by integrating various solutions. Whether it’s making cities smarter, creating more connected vehicles or producing the next generation of in-flight entertainment, we’re collaborating closely with our industry partners to make sure we solve their real-world challenges.


Each year, we continue to improve our lithium-ion battery technologies to provide greater efficiency, longer product life and reduced cost.

As we improve our ability to generate solar energy efficiently, we find ourselves with a good problem – excess capacity created from large-scale renewable projects. We’re solving it by creating exciting new energy storage solutions based on our lithium-ion batteries.

Energy storage is another link in the chain of sustainable services we’re providing our municipal and utility partners. Together, we’re installing groundbreaking solar panels throughout communities, building urban microgrids, and consulting on energy management solutions for power-hungry infrastructure like cell towers.

At the same time, we’re doubling the world’s high-efficiency lithium-ion battery production for cars. These are the batteries that Tesla is using in its vehicles, helping to increase carbon-free transportation.


It might seem like magic, but it’s just another Panasonic innovation. We’re merging digital displays, immersive audio, projection mapping and personal mobile devices to create unforgettable moments.

A 1,000-foot wide wall of light. 360-degree video galleries in museums. Olympic ceremonies that rival the sporting events in excitement. It’s all thanks to Panasonic’s custom-built projection mapping solutions that have been enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world.

By merging our high-performance laser projectors and incredible technical support, and creating partnerships with the most creative minds in entertainment, Panasonic has become a world leader in these immersive installations. In our view, these multi-dimensional illusions are the future of large-scale live events that want to create ever-greater spectacles.

These projects showcase the power of imagination when brought to life through reliable, integrated technologies. And they further our vision of enhancing the way people experience life.


Today’s integrated supply chain requires an ecosystem of well-choreographed motions between many components and partners. Our mobile computing solutions are connecting the parts for an efficient, holistic enterprise.

Panasonic Toughbook laptops and Toughpad® tablets bring vital information to every player in the chain, from workers on the factory floor, to shipping agents and warehouse personnel, to retail partners stocking store shelves. These mobile computers offer industry-leading durability, rugged enough to survive damp and dusty environments, bumps and drops, even spills and extreme temperatures.

With these versatile devices as the cornerstone of our integrated supply chain solutions, we’re helping businesses of every size and shape. By customizing the capabilities and form factors of our devices to meet highly individualized needs, we’re providing the tools that companies need to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-moving world.