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Panasonic Canada introduces new Home Monitoring System

Complete with four different kits that provide flexible home monitoring solutions

Panasonic Canada Inc. is pleased to announce a new Home Monitoring System with the latest in wireless communication technology. The system allows users to monitor their home from anywhere in the world via their Smartphone. The system has no monthly fees or contract and offers users an easy two-step initial set-up. Panasonic uses proven DECT technology, which maximizes the system’s range to more than twice (up to 1,000 ft.) that of Wi-Fi-only systems. In addition to longer range, DECT technology significantly reduces frequency interference with other wireless devices around the house, giving users piece of mind that the system is always communicating properly.

Panasonic’s Home Monitoring System is available in four different kits: Home Surveillance Kit; Monitoring and Control Kit; Home Safety Starter Kit; and Indoor Camera Kit. The kits can be further customized with à-la-carte options that allow further system expansion. Up to four cameras and 50 additional devices can be added to one Home Monitoring System.

Home Surveillance Kit
The Home Surveillance Kit comes with two outdoor cameras that provide home monitoring directly from a smartphone or tablet, at home or on the road. The camera starts recording every time motion is detected, saving video directly to a (included) 4 GB microSD card. Selectable motion detection reduces false alarms from moving objects like trees, and night vision records clear images even in low light conditions. The system’s Quad View feature allows simultaneous viewing of up to four cameras on one screen. The user also has the ability to communicate with a guest or potential intruder from their smartphone, via the camera’s two-way built-in speaker and microphone capabilities.

Monitoring and Control Kit
Like the Home Surveillance Kit, the Monitoring and Control Kit provides remote home monitoring and control. The system comes equipped with a motion sensor, two window/door sensors, a Smart Plug and a digital cordless handset. It is capable of notifying a parent’s smartphone when children return home. Using the Smart Plug, the user has the ability to automatically turn lights on or off while away on vacation. In addition, the Smart Plug can turn lights on automatically as a user approaches the home by sensing a connected smartphone. The window/door and motion sensors can alert the user when the system is armed and motion is detected, or when a door or window is opened. There are also three-way alert notifications via smartphone, home phone and to an outside landline. The Home Safety Starter Kit is the same package as the Monitoring and Control Kit with only one window/door sensor and does not include a Smart Plug.

Indoor Camera Kit
In addition to viewing and recording capabilities, the indoor camera comes equipped with three sensors to capture sound, movement and change in temperature. It can function as a baby monitor, allowing the user to see and hear on their smartphone if the baby is crying, or if the temperature has changed in his/her room. In addition, two-way communication capabilities allow a user to remotely view and communicate with a child, pet or potential intruder.

The Home Monitoring System will be available in the spring of 2015.

A subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, Panasonic Canada Inc. provides a broad line of digital and other electronics products and solutions to meet consumer, business and industrial needs. Consumers seeking more information on the company’s products can visit Panasonic’s home page at

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