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Panasonic Interior Doors

Our versatile interior doorway systems come in a variety of styles to fit any residential application.

Opening up new possibilities with Panasonic interior doors

Real wood look without the real wood price

Panasonic's factory-finished doors are wrapped in a stain-grade veneer that reproduces the grain, texture, depth and lustre of solid wood. The veneer is available in 15 popular wood grains and colour styles so you can choose the desired look for every living space. Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing technique that wraps the veneer around the interior LVL frame, seams are barely noticeable. This innovative V-groove technology prevents peeling and chipping while providing a beveled edge reminiscent of a high-end solid wood design. To ensure our doors stand the test of time, we apply an Electron Beam Coating that creates a durable scratch- and stain-resistant surface, which costs less to maintain than stained wood.

Easy, flexible installation

You can install Panasonic doorway systems after paint, flooring or post construction, minimizing the possibility of onsite damage and reducing the cost/complexity of the installation process. We sell each door as a prefinished kit that includes the slab, jamb and trim, as well as hinges, handles, cable rails, fasteners and other hardware. Our factory technicians measure, mill and partially assemble the components, enabling you to quickly construct and square the jamb, hang the slab, and add the trim, with no painting or touch up required.

Customizable doorway design

Panasonic interior doors come in swing, sliding, half pocket, pocket and barn door styles, with one or more slabs, depending on the operation. You can choose from flush, paneled, louvered and glazed options to achieve the desired look. Panasonic’s Veritis and Veritis Craft series are available in standard heights and widths, as well as custom sizes, while Veritis Plus offers extra protection against warping in doors up to 8 ft tall. By combining a slab style with your choice of colour, hardware and operation, you can create a doorway that is fully customized to the space.

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Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to install Panasonic interior doors.