Business Communications Server


Product details

Centralized multi-site web based telephony and unified communication platform. Reliable Uptime with built-in back-up solution. Highly flexible deployment options with VoIP, digital and SIP. Wide range of application support. Two-year standard warranty.

Specification Description
Main CPU 650 MHz Dual Core
Power consumption (fully mounted) 50 W (240 V : 132 VA, 200 V : 120 VA, 130 V : 104 VA, 100 V : 95 VA)
Memory backup duration 7 years
External paging 1 port (Volume Control: -15.5 dB to +15.5 dB per 0.5 dB)
Mode conversion DP-DTMF, DTMF-DP
Ring frequency 20 Hz/25 Hz (selectable)
Conference call trunk From 24 x 3-party conference call to 9 x 8-party conference call
Music on hold (MOH) internal 1 port (Level Control: -31.5 dB to +31.5 dB per 0.5 dB)
Total extensions (max.) 640
SIP extensions (max.) 640
Serial interface port 1 (115.2 kbps max.)
Air cooling method Fan
Dimensions (W x D x H) 430 x 340 x 88 mm
Weight (fully mounted) Under 5.1 kg

Unified messaging

A streamlined IP communications platform for small to mid-sized businesses, the KX-NS1000 is designed to grow with your business. The platform is easily scalable up to 1,000 extensions and over 16 branch locations, making it also ideal for larger organizations that require an enterprise class solution.

Work from anywhere

Unify your businesses voice, fax and email with full, built-in voice mail and unified messaging along with an optionally integrated fax server. Listen to your voice messages by phone or receive them in your email inbox, then play or delete messages directly from the email client. Send and receive faxes as email attachments and enjoy the convenience of an electronic fax archive without the clutter and environmental impact of printed sheets of paper.

Multi-site networking

The workplace has become dispersed with branch offices and teleworkers located across cities and states and around the globe. Working flexibly from a remote office has become the norm, and your workers expect fully transparent functionality for optimum business efficiency. Create virtual teams across networked sites and share resources efficiently, including call distribution, centralized messaging and conferencing.

Enhanced collaboration

The pre-installed Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity application suite enhances unified communications and collaboration with visual control of calls and messages from a PC. This includes point-and-click call control, presence (with calendar integration), instant messaging, integration with Microsoft Outlook and group conferencing, as well as door phone and IP camera integration.

Add integration with popular, off-the-shelf CRM applications, to access incoming caller information and more smartly target customers and deliver goods and services.