Small Business Bundle (SBB)

Bring your employees & customers closer together

Recommended for small businesses with less than 8 employees or extension users and for use with the Panasonic KXTGP600G SIP DECT System exclusively.

Just imagine, your people can work from anywhere and never be out of touch. They can work on their preferred devices and become even more productive. Customers can interact with employees seamlessly and get the quick answers or resolutions they need. With the broadest selection of unified communications solutions in the industry, it's all possible with Panasonic!

SBB - Service Plans

Flexible Service Plans

Panasonic offers a selection of service plans for organizations using Hosted PBX. Depending on the number of employee or extensions required, you can choose from Canada Wide2 or North America Wide3 Calling Plans and add a range of optional services to fit your specific business needs. 

SBB Service Plan

  Canada-wide Calling Plan North America-wide Calling Plans
2 Concurrent SIP Call Sessions
1 Direct Inward Dial Number
1 911 Service Listing
1 Voice Mailbox with email notification
The 3-year and 5-year plans include the following hardware:
1 Panasonic KX-TGP600G SIP-DECT System
2 Panasonic DECT Handsets [KX-TPA60 or KX-TPA65]
Up to 6 additional handsets can be added

Optional Services

  • Extra SIP call sessions for Canada and North America
  • Fax SIP call sessions for Canada and North America
  • Virtual Fax
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) Number


  • 411 Directory Listing
  • Toll Free calling plan
  • IP Phone provisioning
  • Local number porting service

  1. Upfront costs depend on the plan and the number of seats purchased, and the available bandwidth. Phone hardware is included on three-and five-year plans. Additional accessories may also be required.
  2. Subject to Panasonic's Acceptable Use Policy & Excludes area code 867 - NWT, Yukon & Nunavut
  3. Subject to Panasonic's Acceptable Use Policy & Excludes area codes: 907- Alaska, 808 – Hawaii and 867 - NWT, Yukon & Nunavut

  • What is a hosted PBX or a cloud-based phone system?

    A Hosted PBX is a PBX system that is in the Cloud and is accessible through an IP Network. Panasonic takes care of the hardware, software and connectivity and provides your business phone connectivity and features as a service. You get a variety of features that enable you to connect with customers and employees without having to manage and maintain hardware or software on your premise. SMBs appreciate the flexibility, advanced features and ease of accommodation for adding or reducing the number of endpoints depending on the needs of the company at any given time.

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