Product details

40 button IP DSS console (direct connect w/KX-HDV230/330/430) (black)

Key features
  • 5-inch Graphical Self-Labeling LCD with Backlight
  • 40 (20x2) flexible function keys
  • Compatible with KX-HDV430/330/230
  • Up to 5 units per IP Phone

Specification Description
LCD display 160 x 384 dot monochrome graphical display with backlight LED
Flexible CO keys 20
Self-labelling Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 110x176x121 (30°), 110X176X153 (45°), 110X175X177 (60°)

IP Desk Phone



Business SIP Telephone



Compatible with KX-HDV series

The Panasonic KX-HDV SIP Telephone series provides an innovative method of communication and long-term cost savings in one complete package. With crystal-clear HD sound, touchscreen capability and desktop video communication available at a budget-friendly price, the KX-HDV series makes professional grade communications more accessible than ever.

HD voice quality

The KX-HDV series incorporates HD Sonic features, such as full duplex, acoustic echo cancellation, and packet loss concealment, in its hardware and software to maximize voice quality and wideband communication performance.

LCD displays

Large, clear LCD displays with intuitive user interface offer fast access to phonebooks and features.