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From business phone systems and phones designed for cloud-based calling to high performance scanners and imaging software, rely on Panasonic office products to help your business communicate, integrate and dominate.

Solutions to help every industry

Wherever you work, we make the essentials you need to get the job done. Our unified communications and scanner solutions have the flexibility to serve teams of ten or ten thousand—and the foresight to take you into the future.


We sell a full line of products for medical offices and healthcare facilities to help streamline staff duties.

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Our office and communication solutions are helping hotels and resorts save time and money while giving guests a better stay.

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We have solutions to meet the office and communications needs of schools and nonprofits.

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In keeping with our commitment to improve lives and make the world a better place, we offer solutions to help nonprofits provide services to the people who need it most.

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The ever-changing healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to lower costs and increase efficiency while providing higher quality care. The move to electronic health records and a more digital workplace pose additional challenges for healthcare professionals. Panasonic offers a full line of business products to help medical offices, clinics, hospitals and senior care facilities be more productive and efficient, freeing staff up to focus on their patients.

Managing health records

Our high-performance scanning solutions can help your staff get out from under the mountains of paperwork that are a daily occurrence in healthcare operations. They have been interoperability tested and certified with top electronic health records to ensure workflow compatibility and ease of use. Overbuilt to keep working when other scanners fail, they are ideally suited for patient intake—scan a stack of medical records mixed in with personal identification cards without fear of the machine jamming.

Improving caregiver communications

Panasonic has a range of phone systems and applications designed specifically for assisted living and other health facilities. Built on the latest Panasonic business-class communications servers that include on-premise and cloud-based options, industry-leading cordless phone technology and powerful, user-friendly software, our communications solutions are helping assisted living facilities reduce staff fatigue and improve caregiver response times, resulting in better outcomes and more satisfied patients.


As the convergence of technologies throughout the hospitality industry expands, increasing levels of service, along with elevated guest expectations, continue to pressure management. The ability to deliver experiences that impress and delight guests becomes increasingly challenging as a new generation of tech-savvy travelers constantly raises the bar. Panasonic offers a broad range of integrated business technology solutions that allow you to upgrade and innovate systems to achieve the level of service required for you to compete and succeed.

Optimize hotel communications

From the front desk and guest rooms, to maintenance and guest services, your business communication systems are the backbone of your operations. Panasonic offers a comprehensive range of business communication solutions for the hospitality industry that leverage cutting-edge communications technologies to enhance services and drive efficiencies, keeping you ahead of the curve and the competition.

Our industry-leading phone systems support hotels and motels with extensions from 10 to ten thousand, providing Panasonic reliability to properties of any size. Our flexible cordless phone technology and communications servers that include on-premise and cloud-based options enables staff and maintenance personnel to communicate from anywhere on the premise, and our business communication servers integrate with property management systems, ensuring smooth operations.

Streamline the front desk

We make a complete and integrated line of office products with a reputation for innovative features and reliability—with the industry awards to prove it. Panasonic has the integrated solutions you need to take your office and front desk to new levels of service and productivity.


In schools serving grades K-12 and at colleges and universities, Panasonic is helping today’s educators and administrators enhance their curriculum, inspire students and improve communications. We offer a complete and integrated line of office technology with a well-earned reputation for innovative features and reliability. From scanners to unified communications systems hosted on-premise or in the cloud Panasonic has the products and support to keep any education environment efficient, productive and connected.

Administration and communication tools

As an image reproduction expert, Panasonic provides cost-effective scanners that enable seamless document management integration and processing. High-output, high-performance and highly reliable, they’re built to effortlessly handle the paperwork and imaging that faculty and staff deal with day in and day out.

Panasonic education

Whether you’re overseeing a single school or an entire district or campus, choose Panasonic for dependable equipment that delivers outstanding quality at an affordable price. We offer special discounts to K-12 schools and school districts, and to higher education organizations through our PEP program. And Panasonic Finance Solutions offers flexible and innovative finance products to make acquiring your educational products easy and affordable. Talk to us about a plan that works for you.


Since day one, we have been dedicated to improving lives and making the world a better place, inspired by the philosophies of our founder Konosuke Matsushita. In keeping with our company’s core values, Panasonic believes in supporting those who serve their communities and work on behalf of others. That’s why we offer special GEM pricing on all business communication solution products. This extends to government groups, education institutions and municipal organizations as well as registered charitable organizations, houses of worship, etc.

A common challenge among non-profit organizations is that the technology needed to provide service is constantly evolving while budgets are continually strained. Panasonic has worked with organizations that fight poverty, assist veterans, supply low cost medical care and provide community outreach, equipping these organizations with optimal office and phone solutions that streamline administrative tasks, reduce manpower and free up resources for helping others.

Talk to us to learn how Panasonic can help your nonprofit be more efficient and provide you with our best communications systems.