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How technology can assist in the long-term care of Canada’s baby boomers

Easing the Strains on Modern Healthcare

In this whitepaper, you’ll read how technology is playing a large role in the lives of new residents entering senior living facilities. Billions of dollars are being invested into policies and technology with the goal of improving nutrition, health, mental stimulation and wellness for the baby boomers currently in the facilities and those who will enter in the next few years.

What’s inside?

  • An assessment on the impact new tech-savvy residents have on facilities
  • A review of how technology is being used to enhance the senior living experience for Baby boomers
  • An evaluation on how technology is helping to alleviate the strain on caregiver staff while also providing other benefits to residents, caregivers and the facility
  • A conclusion on the importance of facility owners starting the transition now to leverage technology to provide truly connected care

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