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Nurse Call Solutions for Assisted Living

Wireless Nurse Call Systems for truly connected care

At the push of a button, Panasonic’s fully integrated technology is helping nurses meet the demands of modern healthcare in nursing homes, assisted living, medical facilities and hospitals.

The Panasonic Solution: A Lifeline Between Patients & Care Providers

The Panasonic Nurse Call Communications Solution is meeting the demands of modern healthcare with an integrated system that is flexible, seamless and works together to help senior living facilities improve the quality of patient care.

  • Easy Two-Way Communication: Direct staff-to-resident two-way communication gives residents the confidence that care is only the push of a button away, while care providers can easily prioritize and manage their responses to alerts.
  • Better Workflow Management: Direct Care Connect DCC™ software collects, sorts and filters alarm, location tracking and response data to generate granular reports and graphs that aid in staffing and workflow optimization.
  • A Smart, Wall-to-Wall Solution: Rely on Panasonic to provide the total solution – from hardware to software, installation and support – whether you’re building a brand-new facility or retrofitting an existing system.


Peace of Mind That Goes Both Ways

As the number of patients entering assisted living facilities increases, technologies that improve operational efficiencies are critical toward maintaining necessary levels of care. The Panasonic Nurse Call Communications Solution is a scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated two-way communications and alert management system that improves patient/resident satisfaction, care provider morale and the company’s bottom line.

Find out how the Panasonic Nurse Call Solution will revolutionize your quality of care

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Discover the Benefits of Choosing Panasonic

  • Better Workflow for Care Providers

    Increase productivity with enhanced workflows and eliminate unnecessary walk-ins with time-saving systems such as targeted alarms and resident event notifications.

  • Improved Patient Care

    Dramatically improve level of care and speed up call responses with readily accessible patient information.

  • Lower IT Costs

    Reduce IT costs by keeping your current platform, thanks to compatible technology that adapts to traditional analogue systems.

  • Advanced Functionality and Reliability

    Benefit from a seamless and flexible healthcare solution that includes digital terminals and wireless handsets for hands-free, staff-to-staff communication.

  • Rapid and Effective Communication

    Improve patient-caregiver communication with a centralized, scalable, flexible, and easy to install speakerphone powered by one-touch buttons.

  • Resident location tracking

    Using enhanced vector mapping technology, wireless pendants provide care staff with highly accurate location data when residents press the alarm from anywhere within the facility.


Explore your Nurse Call options

We’re here to help you find the solution that’s best for your patients and care providers.


  • KX-DTU100
    Digital Communication Terminal
  • PYEN6080
    Area Control
    Direct Care Connect
    DCC™ EX
  • PYEN1221S60N
    Waterproof Pendant
    with Neck Lanyard
  • PYEN1221S60W
    Waterproof Pendant with Wristband

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Panasonic Answers the Nurse Call

When Masterpiece Retirement was left without a patient communication solution just three weeks before their scheduled opening date, they turned to Panasonic for assistance. The Panasonic Nurse Call System was able to offer real-time communication and location details, proving to be the perfect unified communications solution.


See how patients and residents are feeling more connected than ever with real-time location tracking, easy to use call bells and wearable alert pendants and two-way emergency communications that result in faster care provider response times.

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Nursing staff

Care providers benefit from enhanced workflow that improves efficiency and job satisfaction. With step-saving, mobile staff-to-staff communication and intelligent alarm generation, you’ll see a significant reduction in alarm and walk-in fatigue.

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When empty beds equal lost revenue, patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable assisted living facility. See how you’ll benefit from fewer empty beds due to higher patient satisfaction, less care provider fatigue and staff turnover and overall improved operational analytics.

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