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Panasonic Recognized as a 2022 Leader in Sustainability

TORONTO - Panasonic is pleased to announce that it has been named by Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. as a 2022 Leader in Sustainability. The Leader in Sustainability Award is granted each year to organizations that display exceptional commitment to battery recycling. Panasonic helped collect 4.4 million kilograms of household batteries through joint marketing initiatives led by Call2Recycle®  in 2022, making it one of the program’s top-performing partners.

Sustainability Award badge for 2022

With this recognition, Panasonic joins a celebrated group of major retailers, waste recyclers, municipalities, and businesses, setting a high standard for waste diversion and environmental excellence.

“Each year, Canadians recycle more and more of their used batteries with Call2Recycle thanks to the ongoing partnership of organizations like Panasonic. This partnership speaks to a real commitment to sustainability and makes a significant difference,” said Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. “The support we get from Panasonic helps us achieve our mission of maximizing battery diversion from the waste stream, which in turn protects wildlife, the environment and our communities.”

“At Panasonic, recycling is vital to our operations and reflects on our legacy as an environmental steward and our commitment to sustainability,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager of Life & Device Solutions Division and Visual Solutions, Panasonic Canada. “Panasonic works with partners across Canada and with North American customers for widespread collection efforts of household batteries, and we are proud to be recognized by Call2Recycle for responsible consumer battery management.”



About Panasonic Canada

Panasonic Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, is a leading provider of Consumer Lifestyle technologies, as well as innovative Smart Mobility, Sustainable Energy, Immersive Experiences, and Integrated Supply Chain solutions for its business and government clients. One of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers of 2022 and Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands of 2022, Panasonic is a leading technology partner and integrator to its clients across the region. Learn more about Panasonic’s ideas and innovations at

About Call2Recycle Canada

Call2Recycle® is the provincially-approved consumer battery collection and recycling program for British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island, and operates as a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario according to the Ontario Batteries Regulation. Call2Recycle accepts household batteries (weighing up to 5 kg) for recycling and eMobility batteries used to power eBikes, eScooters, eHoverboards and eSkateboards.

Since its inception in 1997, Call2Recycle has diverted almost 40 million kilograms of batteries from Canadian landfills and meets or exceeds the most rigorous recycling standards for safe battery recycling and management. Working on behalf of its stakeholders and with a network of more than 9000 participating collection locations across Canada, Call2Recycle Canada continues its pursuit of ensuring responsible battery recycling is accessible for all. Learn more at or call 1.888.224.9764.

Tehani Manochio