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Panasonic Launches “Breathe Well” Indoor Air Quality Partner Program in Canada

Panasonic strengthens its position as an IAQ leader, launching Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™, Partner Program, so customers and prospects can leverage Breathe Well solutions into their sales

Panasonic, an industry-leading manufacturer of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality systems, today announced the launch of Breathe Well, a new end-to-end solution to the B2B and B2C marketplaces to improve healthy indoor air quality and overall wellbeing in the spaces where people live and work. In addition, the company is launching a Partner Program to build up distributor and dealer networks, lending their expertise to third parties to expand upon air quality expertise.

The Breathe Well three-part integrated solution works as a cohesive unit to remove moisture, odors and indoor pollutants by exhausting harmful stale air and supplying fresh filtered air from the outside with the nanoe™ X, an air purifying technology that produces hydroxyl (OH) radicals, improving the ability of HVAC systems to remove bad odors and other unhealthy airborne contaminants such as allergens and pollen , improving overall air quality within the home.

“We typically take 20,000 breaths per day, with each and every one taken playing an integral part to our overall wellbeing and quality of life,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager of Life & Device Solutions Division and Visual Solutions, Panasonic Canada. “The Breathe Well Partner Program provides tools and support to contractors and installers with a streamlined approach for homeowners with the first complete system for air purification. It’s an advancement the IAQ industry has needed, and we’re proud at Panasonic to deliver an innovative solution that ensures the safest air possible and offers peace of mind.”

The Breathe Well Partner program offers an opportunity to empower select Panasonic partners to build their own reputation as air quality experts by leveraging the Breathe Well brand and its product sales opportunities.

Dealers engaged in the program gain access to immediate benefits including:

  • Co-op marketing funds
  • Designation on dealer locator as Panasonic Breathe Well Partner
  • Lead generation for sales
  • Marketing collateral and co-marketing opportunities 
  • Extended warranty and project registration support
  • Loyalty program
  • Exclusive wordmark

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