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Panasonic Canada announces the new HomeHawk™ HD Remote Home Monitoring System

This Mobile App-Based Remote Home Monitoring System Helps Homeowners Keep a Clear Eye on their Homes from Anywhere

Panasonic Canada is proud to introduce the newest addition to its home surveillance lineup, the HomeHawk™ HD Remote Home Monitoring System. Whether configured as a single camera or combined with up to 16 peripheral HD camera units, this versatile system allows homeowners to keep a protective eye on activities inside and outside of their homes. The Panasonic HomeHawk™ HD Remote Home Monitoring System will be available at select Canadian retailers and on the Panasonic eStore in Spring, 2018.

The HomeHawk™ HD Remote Monitoring System eliminates a common home monitoring security camera problem: low grade, blurry black and white video that makes it hard to effectively identify someone at night. Panasonic’s night-vision colour technology and superior picture quality allows homeowners to quickly and easily know what and/or who is at the front door. For example, a crisp picture of someone wearing a red hat and blue shirt versus the grainy black and white image most systems provide.

HomeHawk™ HD cameras offer HD video quality and are weather-resistant*. Plus, they run on Panasonic’s built-in long-life rechargeable battery technology that powers many of the world’s most advanced automotive and electronic devices. Panasonic’s rechargeable battery power ensures the cameras are fully wire-free for hassle-free placement anywhere outside or inside the home.

Alert zones can be easily set to minimize unwanted notifications, while still having the option to record video alerts for package deliveries to a secure Micro SD Card installed in the system’s wireless base unit. With the HomeHawk™ HD Remote Monitoring System, no third-party monitoring or cloud services are required.

Users can enjoy the convenience of the Panasonic HomeHawk™ HD Remote Monitoring System’s smartphone app for simple, effective, and secure access to the system. And for even more connectivity options, Panasonic has teamed up with both Google and Amazon to make the HomeHawk™ HD Remote Monitoring System compatible with the Google Home and the Amazon Alexa, via Echo.

Key Features:

  • The main front door full-colour HD camera is 100 per cent wire-free and weather-resistant* and it is equipped with LED assisted lighting.
  • Unlike most home monitoring cameras, the HomeHawk™ HD Remote Monitoring System’s front door HD camera’s super wide angle (172-degree) fully covers both door sills top to bottom, and the entire entry area left to right.
  • Up to 16 optional HomeHawk™ wire-free outdoor/indoor weather-resistant* peripheral full-color HD cameras are available for extra coverage.
  • All HomeHawk™ HD cameras offer full-colour night vision capable viewing. Plus, all HD cameras offer the added benefit of 2-way audio with built-in microphones and speakers.

* IP65 rating, and operating temperature between -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
** Rechargeable 7.2 v 2500mA Li-ion battery built-in, 4-6 months at 5 min. of daily recording

About Panasonic Canada Inc.
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