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Technology Solutions for the Military from Panasonic

Mission success depends on controlling the situation

Without question, our military personnel face some of the most demanding work environments imaginable. We’re developing the tools and equipment that keep them connected, secure and in control.

Military personnel are ready for just about anything – so are Panasonic rugged devices

For a defense workforce constantly in motion, you need to find innovative ways to share information quickly, securely and reliably. That’s why we’ve developed - and continuously improve - rugged laptops and tablets that are built to go wherever the call of duty requires.

Tough as nails, smart as a whip

Dusty convoys. Damp environments. Six-foot drops. Panasonic laptops and tablets are purpose-built to survive it all, thanks to a military-grade design, integrated sealed card readers and a magnesium alloy chassis. Designed for rugged mobility and maximum uptime, our devices provide the U.S. military with a powerful mobile computing solution they can count on.

U.S. Air Force fire and rescue squads use our computers for a direct wireless link to their computer-aided dispatch center, GPS routing data, call location, patient records and HAZMAT information.

Streamlining flight crew tasks

Toughpad® tablets enable crews to perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently by reducing paper-based reference materials, such as operating manuals and navigation charts.

On the ground, daylight-readable touch screens, grease-resistant keyboards and a low cost of ownership have made our computers the standard e-tool for complex flight line maintenance for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

A strong army needs a strong supply chain

Equipped with an optional 2D barcode reader, our tablets can aid in the planning, managing and executing of ground equipment supply chains to ensure effective and efficient support to fighting forces.

20% lower total cost of ownership over 5 years with Toughbook vs. civilian commercial-grade computers

Cyber threats call for the strictest level of security

To guard against the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attack and help protect critical data, the U.S. military is enforcing new device-level security standards. Panasonic is proud to offer laptops, 2 in-1 mobile devices and rugged tablets that meet or exceed these requirements.

Keeping up with troops on the move

For enterprises with personnel on the move, whether on the battlefield or between facilities, our communication solutions let them perform their jobs with greater efficiency and increased uptime, security and connectivity. To make data transfer easier, our mobile computers offer tool-less removable hard drives, as well as Wi-Fi and broadband capabilities, for use when approved under specific security situations.

During jumps up to 30,000 feet, our customers need a nav system to help determine where to land, no matter the wind or weather.
Vincent Mignot Parachute Engineer, Airborne Systems

Controlling costs without sacrificing performance

To us, a big part of government defense means delivering innovative devices that have the power to reduce long-term costs. When you compare options, you’ll see Panasonic stands apart with:

  • World-class service and support to ensure military operations stay up and running
  • Impressive warranty coverage compared to what’s offered by most civilian commercial-grade tablet manufacturers
  • 24/7 military assistance with technical support hotline and website
  • Industry’s best service repair time

We’re honored to lend support to our nation’s defense teams, knowing that the men and women in uniform perform best when they have the best equipment and service providers available.

Linking command centers and field personnel

Linking command centers and field personnel

In combat situations, uninterrupted communications are vital in relaying surveillance and mission orders. Panasonic and its partners provide full mobile tactical communications solutions, including rugged hardware, specialized software and middleware, and the most effective custom wireless solution available.