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Loyalty Rewards Program

Welcome to our exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program

About the program

At Panasonic, we value the long-term partnerships with our distributors and installers. Join our Loyalty Rewards Program and earn rewards on a full range of HVAC and ventilation solutions. As a member, you can submit all your claims online in three simple steps in our easy-to-use platform.

Panasonic Loyalty Rewards Program is open to all contractors and installers who purchase our HVAC and ventilation solutions for their clients.

Benefits of joining the Loyalty Rewards Program

Buy Panasonic heating and ventilation products from our authorized distributors and submit your sales invoice online to redeem easy reloadable Panasonic Visa® Card.

  • Get rewarded instantly with prepaid gift cards
  • Direct access to special offers and solution announcements
  • 24/7 claims access at your convenience

Remember, this is an exclusive contractor and installers only rewards program. Every registration and claim will be verified by the team at Panasonic. Contact your distributor or sales representative for more information.

Get started in THREE simple steps

Visit our Loyalty Rewards Program website


Click on the “REGISTER” button


Follow the easy on-screen instructions and complete the registration process within minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

The program provides fast, easy access to Panasonic’s online spiff claims system with redemption to a reloadable prepaid VISA* card**. *Trademark of Visa Int., used under license. **Use your Visa Prepaid card anywhere Visa cards are accepted worldwide. Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to a license from Visa Int.

Register at and receive your confirmation email within 24-48 hours. Following confirmation, you can simply log in anytime to submit all future spiff claims.

Please use your business email address, when registering for Panasonic Rewards.

Funding will occur weekly. When you have funds ready to load to your card you will receive an email from [email protected] with a link –You MUST click to load funds to your card. Funds are not loaded unless you authorize it by clicking on the link in every authorization email provided.

You will not receive a card initially upon registration. Once you have your first claim approved and ready for payment, you will receive an authorization email from [email protected] with a link you must click to order your card (by confirming your address and setting up a digital wallet) and load your funds. You will receive a similar email from [email protected] for all subsequent payments that are ready to load to your card. Funds are not loaded unless you authorize it by clicking on the link in every authorization email provided.

Claim submissions are processed on a weekly basis but it can take up to 30 days for the funds to be applied to your reloadable prepaid card.

No. As active sales are loaded to your card it will automatically renew.

You can view your transactions and check your balance by visiting the website listed on the back of your card or by calling 1-866-230-3809. You will be able to access your transaction history online and print your own statements.

Many online merchants perform address, postal code and/or name verification. If your current personal information is not associated with the card, you may update your card profile at the website listed on the back of your card.

Yes. Use this card for cash at any ATM or bank that displays the Visa brand. You can retrieve your PIN at the website or toll free number found on the back of your card. ATM operator and/or bank fees apply, please check the back of the card or review the cardholder agreement for fees.

No. Present your card to an attendant inside the station, as your card will not work at the pump.

To use your card on a purchase greater than the available card balance, tell the cashier that you want to split the transaction between the balance of your card and another accepted form of payment for the remaining difference. Note that some merchants may not support split transactions.

[email protected] or call 1-855-344-6872

Report a compromised card by calling Cardholder Services at 1-866-230-3809. Your card will be closed and blocked from future purchases. We will reissue you a new card upon request for the unused balance. Note: a reissue fee of $10 may apply.

For any other questions, you may have regarding your new card, please contact Cardholder Services online at Live support will be available in English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! French support is available via IVR (automated system) by calling 1-866-230-3809 or via email.

You can email the Panasonic Rewards Support team at: [email protected] or call 1-855-344-6872