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Technology Solutions for State and Local Governments from Panasonic

Technologies that move cities and towns forward

Better living through technology is our mission. So we’re partnering with local agencies to keep counties, small towns, large cities and their residents moving toward the future.

Municipalities have many moving parts that need to work together

Our technology is bringing efficiency to many municipal agencies and their processes. For those looking to make the most of budgets or resources, Panasonic offers best-in-class computers and integrated security solutions.

Linking the people who tirelessly serve their citizens

For public sector administrators, communication across departments is vital to keeping cities and towns running. Panasonic laptops and tablets go above and beyond the call of duty, with built-in mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity that facilitate remote networking, and vibrant touch screens that let administrators view files even in bright daylight.

$500,000 in savings for Miami-Dade County thanks to a Panasonic-enabled e-citation system

Building inspectors – the unsung heroes of public safety

Frequent and thorough inspections are vital to the safety of construction crews and future occupants. Our laptops are built to take the drops, mud, dust, rain and extreme temperatures at construction sites. To further improve productivity, we’ve streamlined the entire inspection process with electronic data entry, so inspectors can use pre-built checklists and forms to enter information simply by touching the screen.

Once site information is gathered and organized, the inspector can transmit it remotely to the department's main computer, eliminating the need to manually transfer information later, while also expediting the issuing of permits and variances. Together, electronic data entry and wireless connectivity save time while reducing labor costs and clerical errors.

Panasonic facial recognition technology is helping create integrated security solutions for local governments, and someday may be the cornerstone of code enforcement and building security systems.

Enforcing the age-old problem of code violations with the latest technology

Code enforcement officials are constantly on the move, entering all kinds of neighborhoods and buildings in every kind of weather. They need rugged computers and tablets to withstand the rough conditions and raw environments they encounter.

Our devices ensure they can transmit data back to their department in real-time to speed the issuing of citations. With sturdy construction, reliable connectivity and simple touch screen entry, officials can spend virtually all of their time in the field, where they’re most productive.

Mobile video evidence collection is keeping our guys from having to come back in and go to court. That in itself is a huge savings.
Tom Randall Lieutenant, Brazos County Office of the Sheriff

Industry-leading video surveillance

Our line of commercial surveillance systems are revolutionizing the way government operations capture, process, retrieve and transfer video. Whether it’s a time-saving, cuffs-to-court system for managing digital video evidence, or building security systems for environments like prisons where there’s virtually no tolerance for system failure, Panasonic security technology is the go-to choice.

It’s just one more way we’re helping local government meet the high demands placed on staff and resources.

Keeping first responders connected county-wide

Keeping first responders connected county-wide

Despite a long history with Toughbook computers, Eaton County, MI decided to switch to consumer-grade devices for first responders. After frequent breakdowns kept officers off the road, the true cost became clear, and they returned to Panasonic. Today, their 16 law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies use our tablets.