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Sustainable Energy Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Powering today and tomorrow with cleaner energy

We’ve long been focused on creating a more sustainable planet - from taking charge of electronics recycling to optimizing battery cell technology. As a result, we’ve become a world leader in breakthrough alternative energy technologies.

Sustainable energy solutions for a greener world

From electric vehicles to solar grids, our solutions are helping forward-thinking businesses and governments pursue a brighter, more eco-responsible future.

To solve the world’s growing energy needs, we’re developing high-efficiency solar panels that make eco more economical, doubling the world’s lithium-ion battery production for cars, planning entire eco-sustainable communities, using sensor technology to regulate energy usage in offices, and building energy storage systems that allow for more efficient energy consumption.

The strength of our relationships with valued partners continues to fuel our growth in the North American residential solar market.
Mukesh Sethi Group Manager, Solar Division, Panasonic Eco Solutions NA

Preserving the planet is a collaborative effort

For two decades, we’ve been working with city planners, industry leaders and energy companies, as well as builders and architects, to revolutionize the deployment of solar.

Most recently, our unique solar+storage microgrid at Denver’s Peña Station has shown the potential for a multi-stakeholder model — including the city, utility companies, developers and others – to help modernize and manage the electricity grid while supporting sustainability goals.

3.5 million tons Projected reduction of CO2 emissions over 25 years thanks to the Eglin AIr Force Base and Naval Station installations

Big advances in solar performance

When it comes to panel technology, revolutionary materials and system design have led us to record-setting efficiencies. Consider our heterojunction (HIT®) technology. We’ve designed ultra-thin silicon layers that absorb and retain more sunlight, coupled with an ingenious bifacial cell design that captures light from both sides of the panel.

By continuously innovating, we’re helping each generation of solar panel make better use of renewable resources, and offering the industry greater cost savings.

Tesla, Ericsson, Gulf Power and Sonoma Raceway are creating a more sustainable future with help from Panasonic.

Creating innovative battery technologies

As energy systems evolve to accommodate the two-way flow of renewable power, battery storage is quickly gaining a foothold. Our lithium-ion storage solutions can take maximum advantage of surplus power from large-scale renewable projects, unlocking multiple value streams for utilities.

And at our Gigafactory in the Nevada desert, we’ve partnered with Tesla to mass-produce lithium-ion battery cells for use in energy storage products and electric cars like Tesla’s Model 3 vehicle.

Solving energy challenges coast to coast

Solving energy challenges coast to coast

Across the country, we’re working with partners to plan, finance and deliver game-changing sustainable energy programs. In Pensacola, Florida, 1.5 million Panasonic solar panels will generate 120 megawatts for Gulf Power, enough electricity to power approximately 18,000 homes every year.

How technology adoption is disrupting the status quo in sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy: New study available for download

We recently conducted proprietary research with more than 400 technology decision-makers in North America, across 13 industries – including Sustainable Energy.

The report shows that just as our planet is at a tipping point, so is Industry. Many senior leaders are making adoption of disruptive technologies such as Energy Storage and Renewable Energy a top priority. And, most companies now say it's riskier to adopt technologies too late than too soon.

Download the report to see the full impact of disruptive technologies on your industry. And, how some are already using Renewable Energy and Energy Storage to disrupt barriers like inefficiency and to plan for continued growth.