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Automated Supply Chain Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Business moves with ease across an integrated supply chain

From factory floor to retail store, everything operates more seamlessly with Panasonic technologies. Processes manage themselves. Insight and intelligence continually inform daily operations. And the wheels of commerce move faster.

It’s all about achieving peak efficiency

As your strategic partner, we can help you improve virtually every link in the supply chain. On the shop floor, our innovations enable machines to talk to each other, not just across the line but across the enterprise and cloud. From there, intelligent logistics and automated warehouse solutions help ensure products, packages and people reach their destinations as efficiently as possible. And finally, in stores and restaurants, our end-to-end solutions streamline everyday operations and enhance each interaction with the customer.

Evolve to Industry 4.0

Through workflow automation advances and end-to-end connectivity, we’ve transformed the factory into a lean, agile and integrated ecosystem. Our manufacturing execution system software ties together best-in-class equipment from Panasonic and over 40 complementary partners, as well as ERP systems. With our cloud-level integration, you can easily automate processes across your entire operation and control every aspect of electronics production.

5X lower failure rate in Toughbook devices annually compared to the industry average

Supply chain automation gets it from here to there

Today, mobile technology is the key to streamlining the movement of goods up and down the supply chain. Whether it’s inventory management, tracking containers from ship to rail, scanning boxes at a loading dock, or handling baggage at the airport, our devices are purpose-built to get the job done.

A better in-store experience

Now more than ever, technology is vital to keep a retail operation thriving. With real-time, mobile computing solutions and warehouse automation, you can get the right products on your shelves at the right time, and speed up service through line-busting. You can even ensure your messaging targets the right demographics at the right time – by combining our digital signage with intelligent video monitoring that analyzes customers for gender and age.

An industry first for Ford: With our time-saving Smart Service Kiosk pilot, Ford owners can quickly pick up and drop off keys, select services and pay 24/7 outside the dealership.

The power of the connected restaurant

Customer engagement, operational efficiency, back office management – we bring it all together so your restaurant can operate like a well-oiled machine. From self-order kiosks at the front-of-house to kitchen automation in the back, we can help you implement highly tailored solutions – complete with powerful software, consulting and services to help you succeed on a local, regional or global level.

Keeping truckers in the loop

Keeping truckers in the loop

Our technology extends digital workflows into every cab. That enables haulers to decrease fuel costs through intelligent route planning, and reduce delivery errors with digital bills of lading that track and report cargo status in real time. Advanced electronic logs even help ensure drivers get the rest they need.