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Getting fans into venues and on their feet cheering

Getting fans into venues and on their feet cheering

Audiences today expect to be moved. Wowed. Transported. High expectations for sure, but we’ve reimagined live experiences from start to finish to ensure fans leave with lasting memories.

Making the magic happen

At iconic stadiums and concert venues, world-class museums and theme parks, and worldwide special events like the Olympic Games, our technologies immerse fans in the action and create storytelling experiences that inspire and amaze. These are experiences you just can’t duplicate at home – featuring the world’s largest video displays, mesmerizingly clear content, sophisticated projection mapping and seamless mobile integration.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts relies on Panasonic technology to deepen engagement with visitors.

Solutions tailored for each venue

We know increasing engagement is the name of the game today. So we deliver fist-pumping audio, then add engaging scoreboard content and social media integration. And we create custom fan experiences through wireless access to information and services. Whatever your goals, we’ll develop the right design and architecture to fit your venue. And we’ll put the right technology in place, including command and control room and broadcast solutions.

Working with Panasonic has delivered us truly integrated technology solutions that deliver more than just a game to our fans.
Mike Plant President, Development, Atlanta Braves

Cutting-edge technologies to draw fans in deeper

Using light to invisibly communicate with a phone app, our technology can send information to hundreds of fans at once. It can even provide analytics on their engagement. At the stadium, hungry patrons can view a digital menu board right on their mobile device, or receive a coupon from digital signage. At museums, the light illuminating a painting can beam a related video to visitors, or content-rich information in the language of their choice.

With our augmented reality skybox, fans can control stats and replays, projecting them right on to the glass inside stadium suites – all without obstructing their view of the field.

6 stories high and 1,000 feet wide Size of water projection at Bellagio Fountains' Kabuki spectacle in Las Vegas

Mind-boggling projection mapping

As a global leader in high-performance digital projectors, our end-to-end arena solutions enable clients to create stunning and seamless new worlds. In fact, we’ve been behind the scenes of some of the most challenging, high-profile projects in the world. That includes the Pandora – The World of Avatar attraction at Walt Disney World Resort, and the acclaimed opening and closing ceremonies at the Rio Olympics where 115 Panasonic projectors worked in edge-blending harmony to mesmerize viewers.

Life is now larger than life

Life is now larger than life

Panasonic has installed some of the most jaw-dropping display technology anywhere. Our innovative, high-definition LED video boards thrill spectators at the Kentucky Derby, captivate tourists in Times Square, and give hometown fans amazing views of their teams around the country.