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Technology for a Connected World

A Connected World moves us all forward

Welcome to a connected world where cities spontaneously adapt to the needs of people, cars talk to each other to avoid accidents, and planes keep passengers in constant touch with their lives on the ground below.

Transforming our cities, highways and skies

It’s true we already live in a fairly connected world, surrounded by smart devices of all kinds. But the full potential lies in the ability of these devices to seamlessly communicate with each other and respond to real-world events as they occur, making our lives easier, safer and more convenient.

The city of tomorrow is here today

In today’s smart city, integrated technology solutions like the Internet of Things, real-time analytics and smart phones work together to deliver information when people need it, like mobile alerts that a subway is pulling up to the platform, or guidance to the nearest open parking spot.

With Panasonic’s technology, city services like snow removal and waste management can also be carried out more efficiently. City centers can create and store their own energy, and direct it where needed. And first responders can access the vital data they need more quickly.

At Panasonic, we're committed to building a Connected World that will improve quality of life for people across the globe.
Tom Gebhardt Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Corporation of North America

Moving toward seamless transportation

There’s nothing smart about sitting in traffic. Or being disconnected from our lives while in the sky. That’s why at Panasonic we’re pioneering how we get places. Our smart transportation innovations are helping our automotive and airline partners improve the travel experience in many ways – making it safer, faster and way more connected.

300 airlines and 7 of the top 10 auto makers count on Panasonic to provide a more connected customer experience.

Innovations for the sky

From nose to tail, our integrated solutions for the avionics industry are assisting flight crews, passengers and ground personnel alike. Connecting on-board weather sensors to satellite data and flight operation services, we’re providing pilots with essential information to make on-the-fly routing decisions that save time and fuel, and plot a safer course.

In the cabin, inflight connectivity allows crew members to make passenger accommodations in real-time, process orders from anywhere inside, and provide custom services that leave a positive impression. And on the ground, maintenance crews can address issues proactively to keep flights on schedule, thanks to onboard diagnostic tools.

80% potential reduction in traffic accidents thanks to our integrated software platform for intelligent roadways

Smart thinking: Smarter cars + smarter highways

Along Highway I-70 in Colorado, our integrated software platform and connected roadway sensors have the potential to quadruple road capacity over the next few years while greatly reducing car accidents. Using our innovative onboard infotainment and vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol, cars can now share information with each other and with roadway infrastructure, paving the way for autonomous vehicles that will take the guesswork out of driving.

The world’s brightest ideas

Bright ideas

In our world, even a street lamp can be reimagined. Our version illuminates as you approach, then dims to save energy. While that’s smart on its own, it also keeps you safe with integrated cameras, gathers air quality data, monitors traffic and alerts authorities. That’s a lot of technology for a simple street light.