Government & Public Safety

Mobilizing Canadian police, government, and military agencies to better serve their communities

Panasonic is consistently creating the best tools to meet the mission-critical nature of government, public safety and military jobs.

Innovative products and integrated services that protect and improve lives

Panasonic’s government and public safety solutions are enhancing productivity for some of the most time-sensitive, mission critical roles in the country. With the most innovative and rugged solutions, organizations can trust that Panasonic always meets their situational needs.

We’re helping these organizations meet the future head on, with advanced technology that promises to enhance the role of public sector employees.


The most difficult thing is getting something that’s reliable. We have never had to send a single device back to Panasonic.
Captain Dale Rolfson, IT Manager, Indianapolis Fire Department

Technology is driving advancements in safety and efficiency

Technology has emerged as the key to increasing safety and efficiency in the field of government and public safety. For example, Panasonic’s Arbitrator 360° rugged in-car digital video recording system, together with our Arbitrator® Body Worn Camera, creates a full record of every action on the scene. By automating the capture and management of that video evidence through our BLUE Digital Evidence Management Solution, we can increase the efficiency of these agencies. 

180° protection Our wearable camera's lens captures a commanding view of officers' actions

Time is critical

It is vital that response teams like local police, fire departments and federal organizations are able to access critical data to make split-second decisions. Our rugged, easy-to-deploy mobile computing solutions are ideal for seamlessly coordinating efforts, resources and communications.

Our sophisticated surveillance camera systems are also used to reduce dangerous situations across government buildings, military bases and other critical locations.

Some of the most time sensitive jobs are found in the field of government and public safety. BLUE Digital Evidence Management solution by Panasonic aims to repurpose time spent on administration of these officials to focus on the more pressing matters their jobs demand.

Top-performing solutions for government and military employees

Administrators, inspectors, investigators and park rangers are the day-to-day staff that demand reliable communication and access to data. We provide laptops and tablets with the connectivity, extreme durability and outdoor visibility they need, all built to rigorous military specifications. 

Military flight line maintenance made better

Military flight line maintenance made better

Our Toughbook mobile computers streamline the aircraft maintenance process, sharing data between aircraft, maintenance crew and air traffic control before the aircraft reaches the hangar. This eliminates the need to physically connect to systems on the ground, allowing diagnostics to begin sooner.