Mobilizing government to better serve us all

Whether the job is keeping us all safe or helping us advance as a society, Panasonic never stops meeting the mission-critical challenges of government, public safety and military personnel.

Innovative products and integrated services that protect and improve lives

From the streets of Anytown, USA to locations around the world, those who serve the public are getting the job done with reliable Panasonic communications and security equipment.

At the same time, we’re helping governments meet the future head on, with smart infrastructure improvements that promise to transform our world and the role of public sector employees.

The most difficult thing is getting something that’s reliable. We have never had to send a single device back to Panasonic.
Captain Dale Rolfson, IT Manager, Indianapolis Fire Department

Nothing’s more important than the safety of your people

When crises occur, we know it’s vital that local EMS and fire departments, state response teams, and federal agencies like FEMA are able to access critical data to make split-second decisions. Our rugged, easy-to-deploy mobile computing solutions are ideal for seamlessly coordinating efforts, resources and communications.

Our sophisticated surveillance camera systems also help keep danger at bay – in government buildings, military bases and other critical locations.

180° protection Our wearable camera's lens captures a commanding view of officers' actions

New technology in law enforcement

A well-equipped police force means a better-protected public. Panasonic’s 360-degree, mobile evidence capture cameras for vehicles, together with our body cameras, create a full record of every action on the scene. By automating capture and transmission of video evidence, we can increase the efficiency of your force.

Las Vegas, Dallas and Miami-Dade County are just a few of the many cities that rely on Panasonic technology to make their first responders more efficient in the field.

Top-performing solutions for government and military employees

Administrators, inspectors, investigators, park rangers – the day-to-day for local and state staff demands reliable communication and access to data. We provide laptops and tablets with the connectivity, extreme durability and outdoor visibility they need, all built to rigorous military specifications. No wonder our mobile devices are also standard equipment in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Rethinking our cities and highways

It’s often said that the military protects our way of life. Thanks to collaborations between Panasonic and forward-thinking municipalities, utilities and companies, that life is changing for the better.

Cities are utilizing our unmatched process and planning expertise to become smarter – with infrastructure that responds to the information needs of the public, and solar+storage microgrids that create a more sustainable world. We’re also developing intelligent highways that could significantly increase roadway capacity, while helping drivers avoid accidents and be safer in bad weather. All that could allow public safety teams to redirect their energy to other critical activities.

A century of making the world better

Since our beginning, we’ve been driving innovation that improves how we live. Our work with government and public safety agencies is proof that we’re all on the right track to a brighter future.

Military flight line maintenance made better

Military flight line maintenance made better

Our Toughbook mobile computers streamline the aircraft maintenance process, sharing data between aircraft, maintenance crew and air traffic control before the aircraft reaches the hangar. This eliminates the need to physically connect to systems on the ground, allowing diagnostics to begin sooner.


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