Food Service & Hospitality Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Service with a smile – and a side of advanced technology

Immersive digital signage. An AI-powered concierge. Integrated POS technology to quickly move customers through lines. That’s just a taste of what’s in store for patrons hungry for better experiences.

Engaged guests are repeat guests, whether at restaurants, hotels or casinos

Customer satisfaction is all about the interactions and the experience. Make it more personal – or add convenience – and you deepen the relationship.

For food service and hospitality providers, Panasonic is creating technologies that surprise and delight guests, enhancing hotel stays and restaurant visits by seamlessly integrating them with people’s connected digital lives.

Well-known destinations like the MGM and Marriott Marquis choose our technologies to distinguish their brands.

A huge leap forward for hotels

We’re creating a future where hospitality apps on phones will integrate with digital signage or lighting in hotels, opening new opportunities to enhance guest experiences with location-based services and content consumption through the cloud. In rooms, digital concierge mirrors will use artificial intelligence to respond to guests’ every need and personalize information and services.

Since a large part of hospitality is giving guests peace of mind, we’re helping properties make the best use of our state-of-the-art security systems enhanced by facial recognition technology. And we’re streamlining reservation systems and staff interactions to reduce visitor stress.

19 seconds less time spent at the drive-thru for KFC/Long John Silver's, thanks to our wireless headsets

What else is on the menu? Bold advances for restaurants

Connected restaurants and automation hold some of the biggest promise for food service today, and we’re pushing the boundaries at every turn. Through end-to-end integration – between our best-in-class POS hardware and software, HD security, digital signage, intelligent appliances and back office software – restaurants are reducing wait times, personalizing offerings and maximizing customer value.

By moving to the Panasonic Toughpad® tablet, we’ve seen our guest satisfaction and speed of service scores escalate a lot.
Matthew Baizer, COO, Flix Brewhouse

In the tech-savvy restaurant, back-of-the-house robotics and software automation are making kitchen staff more efficient. Workers up front are able to devote more time to making sure customers are 100% satisfied. While guests themselves are empowered through self-serve kiosks and mobile ordering technologies.

Greater efficiency. Better service. Happier guests. See what well-thought-out technology can bring to your food service or hotel operation.

Food service promo

DQ Blends Up Digital Treats for Customers

By using Panasonic’s self-ordering kiosks with touch screens, some Dairy Queen locations allow customers to fully customize and pay for their orders on their own. This speeds up the line and frees up staff to whip up the brand’s iconic treats. Customers get their orders quicker and the staff can serve more diners.