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Product details

The HS-Technik multi control unit (MCU) offers control for up to 20 HS-technik Wi-Fi battery tightening and rivet setting tools (depending on the software used). The 10.4" touch display connects to a Windows 10 PC through various connection methods.

The ProTight tool control unit controls the important functions, like connecting to a PLC, printing results and more. It can be connected to other higher-level systems. Suitable for TorqBee, NutBee and RivBee tools (max. 5 tools, only one tool active).

Key features

  • Multi control unit with 10.4“ touch screen
  • 2 Ethernet and 6 USB connections
  • Compatible with process control software : HST-ETC, ProTight and AMT Ablauf
  • Wide-range voltage input (90 - 240 V AC)
  • Available with ProfiBus / ProfiNet / 24 V digital I/O's as an option