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Dual Voltage Cordless 1/2" Impact Wrench (Tool Body Only)


Product details

Powerful impact driver designed for ergonomics and long runtimes, providing virtually no torque reaction.

Key features

  • Dual voltage technology, works with 14.4V or 18V Panasonic Li-ion batteries
  • Tough IP™ technology – IP56 rating for harsh conditions
  • 1/2" square drive and 1/2" to 1/4" quick change adapter included
  • Hybrid variable speed reversible switch & brushless motor for dependable long life operation
  • High power impact mode: 1,815 in. lbs/151 ft. lbs

Superior Ergonomics for Improved Worker Safety

Our professional tools are ergonomically designed with worker comfort and safety in mind. This light weight balanced design with a cushioned grip and virtually no torque reaction reduces operator fatigue and injury while creating a healthier, more productive work environment.

Dual Voltage Technology for Versatility & Backward Compatibility

During the creation of this series of cordless power tools, Panasonic truly thought about the customer and made sure the latest product was backward compatible. How? Simply by making a dual voltage tool to allow our customers to use either 14.4V or earlier generation 18V batteries. What gains come from using either battery? 14.4V batteries provide better ergonomics (less weight & smaller) whereas an 18V battery provides an even longer runtime.

IP56 Rating for Harsh Environments

Whether dusty settings or wet locations, tradesmen now have a tool that can stand up to the rigors of extreme conditions on the jobsite. Panasonic Tough IP™ (Intelligent Power) technology protects your tools against harmful outdoor elements. With an IP56 rating - based on IEC Standard 60529 - your tool is protected from dust and powerful water jets so you can get the job done in the harshest environments

High Efficiency Brushless Motors

Our high-powered brushless motors generate cooler operating temperatures which improve efficiency and performance while greatly increasing tool life. Rare earth magnets promote faster working speeds, high power density, 2X longer life and 25% greater energy efficiency than brushed motors. Compact motor size reduces physical length of tool for increased maneuverability. Increase ROI with a high-power low-maintenance motor ideal for heavy load applications.

Long-Life Hybrid Switches

The switch on your power tools is usually the first thing to malfunction. Our hybrid switch solves this problem. Carrying less than 0.5 amps, compared to 20-30 amps for conventional tools, our hybrid switches nearly double the life of your new Panasonic tool. This low amperage working current prevents premature deterioration of contacts, drastically reducing downtime and costly repairs. The result is a 2X longer life than conventional switches.

Light up Dark Work Areas

A built-in LED light allows operators to illuminate dimly lit work areas for fast, accurate assembly. Ideal for gaining better visibility in tight, enclosed or deep dark spaces. The auto shut-off features turns light off after five minutes of idle operation to conserve battery power.

Ultra Long Life Li-ion Battery Pack

Our same Li-ion technology that powers the world’s most advanced electric cars also powers our cordless assembly tools. GuardION system protection ensures long life and safety as the tool, battery and charger work together as a single energy-efficient eco system. Sensors prevent overcharging/discharging to avoid cell damage and extend battery life. Automatic power shut-off at the battery prevents overheating, doubling battery life over conventional Li-ion battery packs.