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Product details

Ensure high-level error proofing while improving productivity and quality control on your assembly line. Panasonic Multi-Tool and Single-Tool assembly controllers provide expansion capability so you can program up to 16 power tools, simultaneously or sequentially with EYFR03 and EYFR04 series. Gain the versatility your production process demands. Deliver advanced error-proofing, quality control and increased productivity for any assembly line while eliminating assembly errors for good.

Key features

  • 1, 2 & 16 Tool versions available
  • Error proofing with multiple Panasonic wireless programmable tools
  • Program up to 16 Panasonic tools simultaneously or sequentially with 2-way communication
  • Multi communication protocols included for data collection: Open Protocol, Ethernet IP, Toolsnet, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Digital I/O, PFCS
  • Operator visual and audio feedback

Additional features

  • Secure 802.15.4 wireless communication with a range of up to 33 ft (10m)
  • Also compatible with HS-Technik fastening tools (optional feature)
  • All controllers have networking capability
  • Enable/Disable tools
  • Torque & Angle Data Collection
  • 2-way communication allows for parameter selection from controller
Model Number Description Protocols
EYFR02B Single Tool Qualifier w/ Discrete I/O Open Protocol, ToolsNet, Ethernet/IP
EYFR02N 2 Tool Qualifier w/ Networking  & Discrete I/O
- 2 inputs/4 outputs
EYFR03A 16 Tool Qualifier w/Color LCD, Keypad,
Discrete I/O,Ext I/O Compatible
Open Protocol, ToolsNet, Profinet, PFCS,
Toyota,Serial Open Protocol, Ethernet/IP
EYFR03B 16 Tool Qualifier w/Color LCD, Keypad,
Ext I/O Compatible
EYFR04A 16 Tool Qualifier - Multi Station
(16 tools split up into 4 stations
in any configuration)

Panasonic Quality Control Monitoring

With highly efficient tools and controllers, Panasonic offers a reliable quality control system. Advanced programable features allow you to fine tune the tool to meet the needs of virtually any application. This helps improve automation, quality assurance and efficiency across your plant.

Simple Tool Connection with Auto Learn

Connecting a wireless tool to the controller is extremely simple with the auto learn feature. By pressing the "LEARN" button, the controller scans the area for a new tool. Once a new tool is found, the controller automatically creates a secure link between the tool and controller. The controller also automatically creates a basic setup program allowing for immediate use of the tool.

Operator Visual Indicator

Reduce the overall assembly process time with an operator visual for OK / NOK and batch complete status. The highly visible display can be seen over 20' away. The adjustable audible tone registers up to 85 dB to notify the operator of a pass or failed fastener. This visual and audio feedback helps the operator know whether to move on to the next fastener or stop and rework the product.

Error Proofing | Poka-Yoke

Reduce the number of defects by incorporating the assembly controller and enjoy next level security through advanced error proofing. Error proofing capabilities include:

  • OK/NOK results
  • Torque Setting
  • Visual and audio feedback
  • Tool sequencing
  • Rundown error detection
  • Rehit prevention
  • Batch count
  • Long socket mode
  • Variable speed control

2-Way Radio Communication Settings

Create fastening strategies by automatically changing tool settings. Tools settings can be controlled both via remote or controller. Compatible with parameter, group and job modes. Tools OK/NOK blinks to notify user of active tools in sequence and indicate completion of each fasten. Tools can be locked out to prevent use after batch is completed and/or when not in use. Tools can be enabled again when needed.

Multi-Tool & Multi-Station Assembly Controllers

Up to 16 tools can communicate over a secure connection simultaneously with a multi-tool EYFR03 series controller. Multi-station feature on the EYFR04 series controller allows use of 1 controller over 4 stations to configure 16 tools in any combination.

Assembly Qualifier Programming Software

Assembly Manager is the user-friendly software used for programming Multi Tool Assembly Qualifiers using direct or remote connections. The software opens to the live status page showing the current controller display and quick links for basic programming of Panasonic wireless tools. Quickly create, backup or restore controller settings within seconds of connecting to a controller.

Assure Product Quality with Proof

Part traceability plays an important role in quality assurance with documentation about the assembly process. Panasonic's controllers provide multiple options for data collection. The torque data sent over by the tool to the controller can be married with the serial number, captured by a PLC or Bar Code Scanner, and either stored for future retrieval or sent out to a server.

Tool Distance & Out-of-Range Anti-Theft Function

A highly reliable data signal can be transmitted if tool is within 10m (33 feet) of the assembly controller and if there are no barriers between tool and controller. In the event that wireless communication cannot be completed between tool and controller, tool will be disabled and cannot be operated. Operation of this function is set on tool body with remote control.

Available model numbers