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Li-ion Cylindrical

Product details

Safe and reliable

Our Li-ion batteries feature an excellent energy density, and their high voltage ensures small battery dimensions. They can supply stable power with a flat discharge voltage and a high reliability. Lastly, their low self-discharge is impressive. The usage of our Li-ion batteries requires a safety unit. Our Li-ion cylindrical cells are particularly designed for shavers, e-bikes etc.

Key features

  • High energy density and high voltage ensures small battery dimensions
  • Stable power with a flat discharge voltage
  • Impressive low self-discharge
  • A perfect combination of high energy density, safety and long-life shows what is possible with lithium-Ion battery technology from Panasonic
  • Use of lithium-Ion batteries requires a safety unit


Icon: Power tools
Icon: GPS devices
Icon: E-bikes
Icon: UPS systems
Icon: Shavers

Associated model numbers

UR-18650ZM2, UR-18650AA, NCR-18650GA, NCR-18650BF, NCR-18500A, UR-1865ZM2, UR-18650RX, NCR-18650BD