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Vanadium Lithium Coin Type Batteries (VL Series)

VL Series

Product details

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience

The rechargeable vanadium lithium coin batteries feature vanadium oxide as the positive pole, lithium alloy as the negative pole and a non-aqueous solvent as the electrolyte.

This well-known Panasonic rechargeable vanadium lithium (VL) technology offers a self-discharge rate at 20°C of only 2.0% per year and 1,000 charge/discharge cycles at 10% depth of discharge (DoD). This superior long-term reliability is ideal for applications such as real rime clock (RTC), tracking & RFID, remote keyless entry (RKE) and IoT systems.

Key features

  • Self-discharge rate at 20°C is only 2.0% per year
  • 1,000 charge-discharge cycles at 10% depth of discharge (DoD)
  • Superior long-term reliability
  • 30+ years of experience in production


Real time clock
Icon: Remote controls
Icon: IoT applications
Remote keyless entry (RKE)
Tracking and RFID

Associated model numbers

VL1220, VL2020, VL2330, VL3032