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Lithium Coin Type Batteries (CR/A & B Series)

CR/A & B Series

Product details

Lithium coin type batteries for high temperature

Panasonic's lithium CR/A & B coin type batteries have excellent discharge characteristics and can be used at high ambient temperatures (≤125 °C). Our batteries are suitable for automotive applications such as tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), electronic toll collection (ETC) equipment and general industrial applications.

Key features

  • Excellent durability in high temperature (up to 125°C) allows various devices such as automotive electrical components and outdoor devices to be used under severe environments
  • Superior pulse discharging characteristics even at low temperatures and can be used in a wide operating temperature
  • Excellent long-term reliability enables safe and long-term use


Tire pressure monitoring systems
Electronic toll collection

Associated model numbers

CR-2032A, CR-2032B, CR-2050A, CR-2050B2, CR-2450B