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The perfect partnership based on doing the project right. Quality. Integrity. Trust.

“You have seen me install Panasonic products throughout my career, and it’s because they offer the best air quality solutions and have over 100 years of experience doing so.”



Mike Holmes is North America’s trusted contractor because he believes every job should be done right. No shortcuts. No excuses. No compromises on craftsmanship or product performance. After decades of building homes to the highest standards, Mike Holmes knows what he wants and doesn’t settle for anything less. At Panasonic, we design our indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to exceed the expectations of professional contractors like Mike Holmes so they can “make it right” every time.

Panasonic and Mike Holmes: Partnership in excellence

In homes across North America, families are breathing easy because Panasonic IAQ solutions are keeping the air fresh and clean. We believe that the air quality should be just as healthy in your home. And so does Mike Holmes.

That’s why Panasonic has partnered with The Holmes Group to promote clean, healthy indoor air. In this special series of videos, blogs and podcasts, Mike Holmes talks home ventilation, giving you straightforward advice on everything from bathroom fans and ERVs to smart devices that can monitor indoor air quality and automate your IAQ solutions. View the Mike Holmes and Panasonic Partnership video to learn more.


The products that make it right.
Discover why Mike Holmes and his team always prefer Panasonic home indoor air quality solutions.
Watch Now . Indoor air quality & energy efficiency
Get expert advice from Mike Holmes on the best indoor air quality products for your home.
Watch Video . Do it right the first time
Learn from Mike Holmes what the building code says about bathroom ventilation.
Watch Now . Do you need an exhaust fan in the bathroom?
From duct work to electrical wiring, Mike Holmes explains the challenge of adding a bathroom exhaust fan.
Watch Now . How difficult is it to install a bathroom fan?
Learn why, now more than ever, family homes in North America should have either an HRV or ERV.
Watch Now . Mike Holmes on indoor air quality
Join Mike for this quick rundown of what an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) does in the home.
Watch Now . Mike Holmes installs a Panasonic ERV
In this short video, Mike Holmes shows you what to expect when unpacking a Panasonic ventilating fan.
Watch Now . WhisperCeiling® unboxing
Learn why Mike Holmes recommends using Swidget to control Panasonic indoor air quality solutions.
Watch Now . Swidget smart controls
Discover how Swidget smart controls work with your Panasonic products to improve indoor air quality.
Watch Now . Panasonic + Swidget together offers automatic solutions
Find out why Mike Holmes thinks an ERV should be standard equipment in every home.
Watch Now . Have you considered an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)?
See how Panasonic’s patented nanoe™ X technology can maintain clean, fresh air inside your home.
Watch Now . WhisperAir Repair™ purification device


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Learn the difference between HRVs and ERVs so you can choose the right one for your home.
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Read about Mike Holmes’ proven ventilation strategies for controlling indoor humidity levels.
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