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Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™


Learn about the benefits of becoming a Panasonic Breathe Well Partner

At Panasonic, we value our relationships with our trusted dealers and partners who have the knowledge and expertise to offer the best possible indoor air quality solutions across all our leading ventilation & ERV, heating & air conditioning and air purification & circulation products. With the introduction of Breathe Well, The Only Indoor Air Quality Solution™ by Panasonic, our commitment to ensuring our dealer's success has never been greater. 

We continue to innovate and evolve across these three product pillars and champion just how vital the need for clean indoor air is to our health and well being. Our Breathe Well Partner program offers an opportunity to empower select Panasonic partners to build their own reputation as air quality experts by leveraging the Breathe Well brand and its product sales opportunities. A Breathe Well Partner is more than just a cost-effective, code-compliant supplier. They are empowered to tell a far greater story and offer a deeper commitment to clients looking for more holistic strategies to improve air across their personal or professional spaces. Breathe Well by Panasonic is the first, only and most complete indoor air quality offering on the market. As a Breathe Well Partner you’re positioned to realize greater market opportunities and capitalize on an important growing consumer trend for healthier, safer environments. 

Living life fully and well is a cornerstone of the Breathe Well promise. As a Breathe Well Partner this becomes your promise, and everything you do helps to make every breath, a better one.


Don't just breathe, Breathe Well


Every breath you take is for life

Introducing Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™ by Panasonic.

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