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Immersive Entertainment

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Take entertainment to a new level

Our innovative projection technologies help you create engaging 360-degree worlds that will leave your audience completely mesmerised.

Panasonic, the industry’s go-to partner for immersive experience technology

How audiences want to be engaged has evolved. With streaming content, social platforms and smart phones competing for attention, people need new reasons to stay engaged. At Panasonic, we’re helping creative companies elevate their experiences and take entertainment to a new level.

Panasonic entertainment solutions brings best in class software, engineering, projection design, show-quality support, and of course the world’s leading brand of laser projectors, Professional broadcast cameras and Pro displays to support creative ideas.

Why choose Panasonic as your premier technology partner

Cutting edge technology

The latest immersive experiences must deliver new levels of wonder to keep the crowds entertained. Our portfolio of high-performance projectors offers up to 50,000 lumens brightness and with a wide range of projection technologies to choose from (3-Chip DLP/1-Chip DLP/3-LCD), you can be sure that we have the right projection solution to meet your expectations.

Audio-visual solutions tailored for each venue

Whether it’s an immersive installation, projection mapping, artistic installation, live outdoor event or interactive installation we have a customized technology and design to fit your venue. Our industry-leading AV design expertise means we are your ideal partner for even the most complex of installations.

Proven Field Expertise

We support you from start to finish in all aspects including technical consultation, marketing and international project management.

We are here to support you with our highly skilled technical engineers available internationally. Our knowledge, combined with our hardware and software capabilities, enables us to integrate mesmerising technologies like 3D, movement tracking and hologram projection to ensure your immersive experience sets you apart from the competition.

Contact us and learn how Panasonic and our partners can help you to wow your audiences.

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