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Webinars for Panasonic HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

Panasonic’s HVAC and IAQ webinars are here to help you learn about our latest technology innovations, industry trends and newest product offerings. Learn about how Panasonic’s reliable, high-quality products can create the customized IAQ solutions that you need.

In these webinars, listen to our experienced sales team cover a variety of topics, including industry specific use cases, IAQ insights and more.

Simply browse the topics you are interested in learning about and watch on-demand today! To stay on top of HVAC news and IAQ trends, register for our upcoming webinars.


About IAQ Webinars

Covering our latest product innovations and uncovering industry trends and insights.

Who it is for

Homeowners or contractors who want to better understand the importance of indoor air quality and learn about Panasonic’s unique IAQ solutions.

How it helps

Make informed decisions about your HVAC purchases once you understand your indoor air quality needs.

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, November 25, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 1 pm EDT

HVAC experts from Homestead Land Holdings Ltd. and BNH speak about the results of a two-year energy study they conducted, which led them to retrofit two of their high-rise buildings with Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps.

Register. Retrofitting High Rises with Air Source Heat Pumps; A Best Practices Webinar

Watch Past Webinars (On-demand)

Learn how Panasonic Canada’s new whole home ventilation ecosystem is advancing the Indoor Air Quality market with the addition of smart controls from Swidget. Special guest Christian Rinomato, Director of Sustainability, Country Homes, shares why he’s installed these technologies in a recent Discovery Home, and answers some questions.

Watch now. Panasonic & Swidget’s Complete Ventilation Solution featuring Country Homes

The value of healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) has reached a pinnacle, with building scientists recommending energy recovery ventilation (ERV) as the optimum ventilation strategy. In this webinar, learn about the importance of a balanced ventilation strategy, current industry trends, codes driving ERV adoption and more.

Register. Healthy Indoor Air, as Easy as E-R-V

In this webinar, Panasonic and Karwood Ontario introduce an exciting new project that examines the capital costs, operating costs and energy savings of a traditional HVAC ducted system vs. a ductless air-source heat pump (ASHP) installation in a typical single storey home.

Watch now. Ducted vs. Ductless: How we’re settling the HVAC debate

Panasonic offers leading-edge building innovations for those looking for efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Learn more about the smart heating and cooling systems and industry leading Indoor Air Quality solutions we’ve created that maximize energy usage, while delivering high performance.

Watch now. High Performance Homes

As indoor air quality becomes a growing concern, we’re making it easier for you to be in control of your indoor environment with user-friendly ventilation and smart devices. Learn how you can create a flexible, customized smart ventilation solution with Panasonic and Swidget.

Watch now. Transforming Ventilation Ecosystems with Simple Smart Controls