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Home Storage and Organization


Get organized!

Adapt your living space to suit your lifestyle—not the other way around—with Panasonic smart home storage solutions. Designed for easy retrofits and new builds alike, these attractive space-saving systems will reduce clutter and put household items within easy reach, while at the same time adding a modern touch to your home decor.


Kitchen Shelf Storage Ideas

It can be a challenge to store all of your kitchen items close at hand without cluttering up the counters. Panasonic kitchen storage solutions allow you to bring the contents of high shelves and deep cupboards down to counter level where you can access them—all while keeping both feet safely planted on the floor. Each Panasonic storage system is fine-tuned for top ergonomic performance, guaranteeing smooth operation and ease of use.


Combination Shelf System

Why store spices and condiments way up in a cupboard somewhere when Panasonic offers a more convenient solution? The Combination Shelf System is a 3-in-1 under-cabinet unit that includes an additional kitchen shelf, a temporary food prep station, and a convenient hanger for dish clothes and kitchen utensils. When you’re ready to cook, simply fold down the cover to access the ingredients you need. In its horizontal position, the cover provides extra space for dishes and other items used during food preparation. The Combination Shelf System comes in 600mm and 900mm widths.

Pull Down Cabinet System

Make the most of those deep kitchen cabinets by reinventing how you access them. With the Panasonic Pull Down Cabinet System, you can quickly bring back-of-cupboard items down to counter level where they’re easy to reach—no foot stool required.  When you’re done, simply release the brake and allow the movable rack to slide back up into the cabinet. Each 450mm-wide unit features two shelves and a built-in hook system for hanging kitchen utensils and measuring tools.

Soft Down Cabinet System

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the contents of your high cupboard come down to you? Panasonic’s Soft Down Cabinet System stores frequently used kitchen items up and out of the way until you need them. To access your items, slide the 2-shelf, movable rack out of the cabinet and down to eye level. When you’re done, simply push the rack up and out of the way again. As the Soft Down name implies, the unit is counterbalanced for smooth, easy operation, with a 16 kg storage capacity.

Closet Organizing Ideas

If you’re unsure how to organize your closet to fit your lifestyle, check out these elegant storage systems from Panasonic. Each space-saving solution is designed to help you make optimal use of all the closet space in your home, not just the area closest to the door.

Revolving Shoe System

If your footwear is getting hard to manage, Panasonic has a solution that will help you reclaim precious floor and closet space. Using the Revolving Shoe System, you can collect all of your shoes and boots together in a compact, highly configurable storage rack. This attractive unit makes efficient use of vertical space to display each pair so they are instantly accessible. The Revolving Shoe system comes in 1200mm and 1800mm heights, providing storage for up to 24 and 56 pairs of shoes, respectively.

Revolving Closet System

Tired of digging clothes out from the deep recesses of your closet? The Panasonic Revolving Closet System, with its rotating display rack, puts each article of clothing front and centre, eliminating that dead space in the back of your closet where apparel can pile up unseen and unused. This self-standing, ergonomic solution will help you save time and keep your entire wardrobe in circulation. The Revolving Closet System delivers the kind of luxury closet experience that makes choosing an outfit a pleasure, not a chore.

Laundry Room Organization

Our ceiling or surface mounted Clothes Drying Systems makes drying clothes indoor a cinch. These systems not only help you keep your laundry space or bathroom tidy and organized, it adds a modern feel to your space with their sleek designs.

Clothes Drying System

Make a change in how you dry your clothes, with the eco-friendly Panasonic Clothes Drying System. To dry your laundry, lower the adjustable pole to the desired height and hang up to 8 kg of clothing at a time. Unlike traditional folding dry racks that clutter up the laundry room even when you’re not using them, the Panasonic Clothes Drying System does not impinge on your living space whatsoever because both the ceiling- and wall-mounted units are fully retractable.