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Craft Label Veritis Sliding New


Product details

The Craft Label Veritis sliding line features a more traditional style and is available in both light and dark finishes with a variety of different panels and light inserts. Made from high quality, low VOC materials, our doors use our proprietary construction process. The natural-looking beauty of wood is achieved using materials that combine the look of a beautiful wood grain that is as strong as durable. Our unique suspended track system and magnetic guide pin eliminates the use of traditional tracks on the floor which can trap dirt and grime, keeping your space open and clean. With Panasonic sliding doors, you can connect spaces, incorporate light and easily change the floor plan to suit your needs.

Key features

  • Custom doors are delivered pre-finished and are available in a variety of finishes and colours
  • Designed without edging and seams, providing protection against peeling and chipping while offering a seamless appearance
  • Metal frame inside the door combined with our unique honeycomb structure ensures our doors are light but strong
  • Unique suspended track system
  • Selection of door panel, frame and hardware

Specification Description
Door material Warp-resistant veneer with metal frame
Door coating Electron beam coating
Door panel style Solid (3 patterns) - Lighted options (11 patterns)
Light insert type Semi- transparent acrylic board or semi-transparent laminated glass
Door finish options Black oak, Navy oak, Blue Gray Oak, Greige walnut, Walnut, White ash, Oak
Hardware style options 1 option: C1
Hardware finish options Satin silver (plated), Satin steel (painted), Matte black (painted), Brass (plated)
Door dimensions (width) From 500 to 956 mm
Door dimensions (height) From 1,700 to 2,500 mm

Door Colour/Finish Options

Available in 7 different colours/finishes, our natural wood-looking interior doors are manufactured using a unique process that reproduces the delicate texture and feel of natural wood, which is also dirt repellent. Their easy maintenance, scratch and warp resistance make them ideal for busy households.


  • Black Oak

  • Navy Oak

  • Blue Gray Oak

  • Greige Walnut

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • White Ash



    Glass/Acrylic Insert Options

    You can select from 7 different glass/acrylic insert options for any of our Craft Label Veritis panels, depending on the desired amount of sunlight, level of privacy and overall look.


    • Checkered Acrylic

    • Checkered Heat-treated Glass

    • Mist Look Heat Treated Glass

    • Raindrop Look Heat Treated Glass

    • Striped Heat Treated Glass

    • Transparent Heat Treated Glass

    • Aqua Heat Treated Glass



    Door Hardware Options

    At Panasonic, our custom interior door products include your choice of hardware. Our impressive collection makes it that much easier to find the perfect handle to match the style of your door and design aesthetic of your home. As you browse through our collection, you will also notice that not only do we offer several styles and finishes but also your choice between 3 different functions. You can select passage only, privacy with indicating lock (separate or integrated) or keyed version.

    Hardware Finish Options

    • Satin Silver
    • Satin Steel
    • Matte Black
    • Brass (Plated)



    Door Panel Construction

    Our proprietary production process results in a woodgrain finish that accurately reproduces wood's own natural beauty and texture. Our Electron Beam Coating consists of a unique electron irradiation coating which repels finger prints, dirt and helps to prevent scratching.

    The use of three specialized layers over the base layer make it possible to deliver woods’ most attractive characteristics such as lustre, depth, grain and texture. Additionally the tough surface coating layer increases durability while repelling dirt and resisting damage.



    Warp-resistant Laminated Veneer Lumber ensures even the largest doors remain flawless over time. Metal frame inside the door combined with our unique honeycomb structure ensures our doors are light but strong.

    Designed without edging and seams, providing protection against peeling and chipping while offering a seamless appearance.


    Safe light insert

    We use highly resistant tempered glass or acrylic for our door inserts. Should the tempered glass shatter, it breaks into granular pieces instead of glass shards.


    Sliding door features

    Suspended runner with gentle close

    Even the largest doors open and close effortlessly and since there is no track on the floor, rooms flow seamlessly and there is no place for dirt to accumulate.

    Panasonic unique magnetic guide pin

    Our guide pin helps to stabilize the door panel and eliminate the need for a bulky floor track