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Product details

This large capacity wall oven offers a seamless touch panel that suits the most modern kitchen. Its ease of use and innovative design make it an incredibly efficient oven for your everyday cooking.

Key features

  • Conventional Cooking (with Fan) - The top and bottom elements work together to provide conventional cooking
  • Double Grill (with Fan) - The inside radiant element and top element are working together
  • Full Grill - The inner grill element switches on and off to maintain the desired temperature
  • True Convection - Turns the fan on to automatically improve air circulation and heat distribution

Specification Description
Type 24 in
Capacity 2.5 cubic feet
Material Exterior: Stainless steel with a 3-layer removable glass door panel
Operation Touch Control Panel
Display Blue LED
Cooking Functions 8 (Defrost, convection, lower heater, upper and lower heater, upper and lower heater convection, full grill, double grill, double grill convection)
Rack Type Removable
Rack Positions 5 levels
Oven Temperature 50 °C to 250 °C (120 °F to 485 °F)
Oven Interior Enamel black coating
Cooking Timer Yes
Auto-off Function Yes
Output Power 3,250 W [240 V], 2,450 W [208 V]
Exterior Dimensions (H × W × D) 595 x 595 x 575 mm
Net Weight Approx. 33.5 kg (73.9 lb)

Spacious Interior

The spacious interior makes entertaining large groups effortless. The viewing window gives you a wide view of your oven’s interior, making it easier to monitor your dishes’ progress without opening the oven door.

Removable Door with Glass Panel

The removable door has 3-layer glass panel and allows full access to entire interior of the oven for easier and quicker maintenance.

Oven Lamp

Provides enough brightness so that cooking progress is observed without opening the door.

Clock and Timer

The classic convenience of easily accessible time keeping.

Bottom Heat

A concealed element in the bottom of the oven provides a more concentrative heat to the base of food without browning. This is ideal for slow cooking dishes such as casseroles, stews, pastries and pizzas where a crispy base is desired.


The circulation of air at room temperature enables quicker thawing of frozen food, (without the use of any heat). It’s a gentle but quick way to speed up the defrosting time and thawing of ready-made dishes and cream filled product, etc.