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Product details

Developed for the contemporary kitchen where practical features and peace-of-mind are a priority. A smooth surface provides a seamless cooking experience. Efficient heating, intelligent safety features and easy cleaning fit perfectly with the busy lifestyles of today.

Key features

  • Panasonic's sensor technology and advanced control programme ensure high-precision cooking results
  • With a fingertip, you can control all functions, including heat level and temperature settings
  • Safety features including child lock, overheating prevention and auto-off capability
  • The flat design makes cleaning simple, helping your kitchen stay neat and hygienic

Specification Description
Top Plate 24 in
Frame Frameless/flush
Display Red
# of Cooking Zones 4 zones (induction)
Power Level 9 levels
Cooking Timer Yes
Operation Sensor touch
Child Lock Yes
Boost Function Yes
Auto Switch Off Yes
Residual Heat Indicator Yes
Cookware Detection Yes
Power Supply 30 A, 220 / 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, single phase
30 A, 208 / 400 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, triple phase
Power Consumption 240 V: 7000 W, 208 V: 6400 W
Dimensions (H x W x D) Product: 60 x 590 x 520 mm

Advantages of Cooking with Induction Heating

The Induction Cooktop uses a magnetic field rather than flames or elements to create heat, so its surface remains cool to the touch, except for just underneath where the cookware sits.

Easy to clean
The smooth, flat cooking surface of the cooktop surface area is easy to clean because it does not get too hot, and food does not burn onto its surface.

Since the cooktop does not heat up, your kitchen stays cooler.

Heating efficiency
Induction technology has a high heating efficiency and heats up cookware so fast that it can boil water and cook food faster than other types of cooking appliances.

Full Digital Control
With the touch of a fingertip, you can easily control all functions, including heat level adjustment and temperature settings.

Time Saving
Panasonic induction cooktops incorporate patented coil and boost function designed for efficient heating to quickly reach desired temperatures to save time.

Eco Friendly
There is no flame and CO2 emission during the heating process, thus making it Earth friendly.


infared sensor
infared sensor


Next Generation sensor technology and an advanced control program optimize cooking temperature. The Panasonic Infrared-Sensor quickly and accurately detects only the pot’s bottom temperature and the control program rapidly raises it to the set temperature and then consistently holds it.

infared sensor

Energy Savings

Maintaining a consistent set temperature reduces unnecessary power consumption. Panasonic’s next generation Infrared-Sensor efficiently controls power settings in response to changes in cooking conditions (eg. Ingredient temperature and the size of cookware) which eliminates unnecessary heating. As a result energy usage is minimized.

infared sensor

Automatic Shut Down

At one time or another, we all forget to turn off our appliances. In this case, Panasonic Induction Cooktops are designed to shut down automatically ensuring comfort and safety for you and your family.

Child Lock Protection

The Child Lock Protection feature makes it easy to look out for your family's safety as it makes it difficult for children to operate the cooktop, while not impacting the ease of use for you. Simply touch to lock or unlock the control panel.