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Higher Education Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Helping higher education go higher tech

As colleges, universities and vocational institutions race to meet growing technology needs, they’re choosing Panasonic solutions to enhance classroom learning, campus security and team spirit.

Preparing students for the world by giving them the skills to succeed

In lecture halls, labs and auditoriums, faculty and school administrators need technology to help educate tomorrow’s leaders today. Panasonic is answering the call, bringing advances from industries such as communications and entertainment to create more compelling higher education solutions, including projection technology, interactive displays, compelling digital signage, enhanced audio and virtual classrooms.

400 security cameras keep a watchful eye on the University of Delaware campus

Make math, science and history come alive

No matter the subject or curriculum, we’re helping to make it more engaging. Our bright, versatile projectors provide incredibly crisp, clear images that give every student a great vantage point. And with Solid Shine laser technology and filter-less design, they cut down on maintenance costs and disruptions, too. Robust audio systems allow your educators to be easily heard throughout any space, even halls with hundreds of students.

We wanted a solution to faculty headaches and technology disruptions. Panasonic’s projectors were able to deliver that.
Brian Raley Instructional Services Engineer, Towson University

More engaging sports and events

Integrating Panasonic entertainment and arena solutions into your athletics can bring your events to life like never before. Taking a cue from professional sports teams, universities like Florida State and Colorado State are finding creative ways to merge social media with their stadium scoreboards to heighten fan engagement. Others are turning to Panasonic to increase mobile engagement, boost stadium WiFi and integrate digital signage.

We collaborated with the New Jersey Institute of Technology Department of Public Safety on a pilot project using our facial recognition technology. The school saw dramatic results in deterring thefts.

Students expect to learn on a connected campus

Your school strives to attract the best students. A big part of what will attract them to your school is a campus with leading-edge technology.

Schools that choose Panasonic have access to some of the most advanced technologies available – such as laser projection, engaging digital signage, interactive professional displays, HD videoconferencing, networked security monitoring, video boards and more. We’d say that’s pretty smart indeed.

Higher education

Panasonic: A game-changer for design students

The Art Center College of Design, a world-renowned facility, needed a projector powerful enough to bring students’ large-scale product designs to life-size perspective in vivid brightness. This recreated the real-world working environment they’d encounter in the workforce, something no computer screen could accomplish.