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Federal Government

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Federal Government Program National Master Standing Offer (NMSO)

Canadian government departments, agencies, departmental corporations and National Defense can purchase TOUGHBOOK notebooks and tablets under the current Federal National Master Standing Offer for ruggedized notebook computers

NISHA TECHNOLOGIES holds NMSO Contract No.: E60EJ-110000 C/F for the following models:

Category 6.0N Ruggedized Notebook:
CF3131550CM (English version), CF3131551MQ (French version)

Category 7.0N Ruggedized Convertible Tablet PC:
CF20A0028KM (English version), CF20A0028NC (French version)

Category 8.0N Ruggedized Handheld Tablet PC:
FZG1P5626VM (English version), FZG1P5626TM (French version)

The NMSO for ruggedized notebook computers enables each level of government to purchase and take delivery of Panasonic notebook computers quickly and at the most competitive price.

Please visit Nisha Technologies or call 1-877-738-0782.

Please check the NMSO approved products and pricing on the PWGSC CAG website.

Panasonic notebooks and tablets can be ordered by submitting a call-up/purchase order to the authorized NMSO reseller below (verbal orders cannot be accepted). The call-up/purchase order must be made to:

Nisha Technologies
2150 Thurston Drive, Suite 202
Ottawa, ON K1G 5T9
Phone: (613) 739-7225
Fax: (613) 739-3761