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Forklift Mobile Solutions

Make the right choice for your forklift fleet

Staying connected is vital when you’re working in a fast-paced environment. And having the right technology means you’re able to manage the business critical with ease.

Talk forklift technology with TOUGHBOOK

In today’s world of instantaneous delivery expectations, traditional hard-mounted forklift devices can hinder productivity. New forklift solutions combining Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices, industry-leading software and flexible mounts can increase flexibility, reduce costs and shorten delivery times. View the video to find out how Panasonic mobile solutions for forklifts are the smart answer to the warehouse’s toughest problems.

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Make the right technology choice for your forklift fleet

  • Jobs can be allocated and schedules amended in real-time
  • Job completion data can be transmitted immediately without the need for hard copies
  • Real-time stock calculations are accurate and fast
  • Time is saved and audit errors eliminated
  • Staff and resources are used efficiently and effectively

But choosing the right technology isn’t an easy task. So we’ve put together five key questions to ask before you decide on the mobile computing that’s right for you.

1. Fixed forklift computers or mobile devices?

At some point, every year, each of your forklifts will naturally be interrupted for a number of hours due to planned servicing or unplanned maintenance.

With fixed computers, when there is a need to repair, servicing, or update, the forklift becomes unusable.  

Spread this across a large fleet, and you could be losing hundreds of working hours – and that means wasted time and money. 

With a fully rugged tablet or notebook PC, however, devices can be swapped between vehicles during maintenance, meaning constant uptime. And when the tablet or notebook itself needs maintaining, it can be easily substituted. 

For even greater uptime, Panasonic’s range of fully rugged tablets and notebook PCs are supported by specialist docks that feature VESA mounting plates. Meaning they can be moved easily and securely from bracket to bracket, and vehicle to vehicle.

2. Consumer device or rugged specialist?

It can be tempting to consider consumer devices; we’re all so used to them in our everyday lives. 

But consumer devices aren’t designed for challenging work environments. They don’t have the durability, connectivity, all-weather capabilities or configuration flexibility your business needs. 

Devices such as TOUGHBOOK tablets and notebook PCs are different, however. Among many rugged features, TOUGHBOOKS tablets and notebooks offer:

  • Drop resistance and dust-ingress protection, perfect for warehousing environments
  • Glove and rain-enabled touchscreens
  • Military-standard vibration resistance that can cope with poor forklift suspension

3. What features should you look for?

The latest technology

Flexibility and ruggedness should never mean a compromise on technological performance. Businesses should have the flexibility to choose between the latest Windows and Android™ operating systems and the most current Intel® processors.

Specialist support and services

From design and installation to ongoing maintenance, user training and warranties, your devices should come with a complete technical support package to minimise any potential costly downtime.

Optimized connectivity

Superior wireless connectivity means uninterrupted access to vital stock information, delivery scheduling and communications, and the ability to capture and share data on the go. When selecting devices, look for those that offer combinations of LAN, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, WWAN (3G/4G) and GPS.

Complete software integration

Devices are more than the sum of their hardware parts. Devices such as TOUGHBOOK offer optional integration with invaluable business solutions, such as terminal emulation software, and screen blanking, which automatically restricts access to the screen while the forklift is in motion.

4. Which model is right?

Small handheld, tablet or convertible notebook? Windows or Android™ operating system? Rear-angled barcode scanner, signature pen and USB keyboard? Diagnostics, connectivity or security-enhancing software?

At Panasonic, we understand that operating systems, display size, Wi-Fi connectivity and docking system/accessory eco-systems are all important factors to consider. And here’s a quick guide to some of the models in our range that are best suited to forklift work.

5. Do you have the right docks?

Much like your devices, your forklift docks and mounts should be fully rugged too, and provide a complete and safety-compliant solution that’s easily transferrable between forklifts.

Ergonomically designed and rigorously tested, Panasonic’s fully-rugged and comprehensive forklift docking solutions perfectly complement our TOUGHBOOK devices.

  • Choose the best positioning for your mounts – including sidebar, overhead and windscreen
  • Meet every working challenge – our bespoke docks and mounts are tested to TOUGHBOOK standards for vibration, humidity, and temperature
  • Select from off-the-shelf options where backwards compatibility allows for integration with existing technology
  • Design bespoke bracketry and fixings if required