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JS-970 Stingray III Discontinued


Product details

The JS-970 is an enterprise-grade POS device compatible with a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems that features an all-in-one, flexible, modular design.

Key features

  • Interchangeable touchscreens to allow for easy customization and unlimited mounting options
  • Multiple processor options to meet specific needs of each business
  • Range of COM/USB interfaces to connect to peripherals (customer displays, chip & PIN payment terminals and printers)
  • Perfect for retail, quick service restaurants (QSR) and hospitality businesses

Rely on Panasonic

The Stingray III is just one of the many building blocks we deploy in our comprehensive point-of-sale solutions. From peripherals and mobile POS machines, to integrated surveillance systems that capture every sale, Panasonic hardware is the transaction processing foundation for some of the world's leading restaurants and retailers.

Perfect for Retail, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Hospitality Industries 

Whether you are considering incremental upgrades or building out new a locations across the country, Panasonic can be your single source for equipment systems design, installation and long-term support. You can count on us for objective technology consulting, precision deployments and the industry's most reliable electronics hardware.

Adaptable POS from the Leaders in Rugged

The Stingray III is built to address two realities of today's retail and food service industries: change will only accelerate and style matters, especially at the point-of-purchase. Panasonic used a modular design, built on a common platform, to create a POS system that can stay current in the face of mobile payments and shifting business requirements. With Stingray III, you can change operator screens, add consumer displays and reconfigure its profile on the fly.